Our post treatment care is second to none and the amount of former patients and current practitioners who speak highly of us is a testament to this. Discover more about our reputation from reading what is being said about us all over the country

“Amazing results!”

Amazing results! Really happy still nearly 2 years later, he gave me exactly what I asked for! I know its hard to trust just anyone but all his reviews [online] really helped, that fact he’s a popular well known surgeon as well. I put my full trust in him, I wouldn’t have anyone else touch me again. Very quick recovery as well, not half as painful as I anticipated! I was up and out within 3 days.

Patient UK (Operation - Vaserliposuction)

“I am over the moon! I couldn’t have asked for”

I wanted to go with someone recommended and Dr Frati was [recommended] by my sister. Her results were great and I was very happy and confident to have the procedure. When meeting Dr Frati he puts you at ease straight away and was very sympathetic with the situation. He went above and beyond to sort out the surgery and was extremely accommodating. In regards to the results I set low expectations due to my previous experience [with another company] but I am over the moon! I couldn’t have asked for more. They now look more in symmetrical, fuller, lifted – a much more natural look. I’m very grateful to Dr Frati and would highly recommend to anyone.

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Enlargement)

“Life changing results”

Mr Riccardo Frati gave me not just complete professionalism but realistic outcomes. He is a pure genius and master of breast augmentation. I lost 2 stone and was left with deflated, unattractive breasts and I went to see Riccardo Frati and he gave me exactly what I wanted and what was suitable for my body. He cares a great deal for his patients and his scarring is one of a kind, I have been left with a virtually nonexistent scar [tissue] after just 4 months of surgery. I highly recommend him to any one who is considering this surgery!!! Life changing results.

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Uplift with Implants)

“It’s the best thing I have ever done!”

Mr Frati is an incredible surgeon. From my first consultation up until my post operative consultation Mr Frati has been so helpful and attentive to myself. He is very professional and really knows his stuff. I would do it again tomorrow. I highly recommend him to anyone considering breast surgery or any surgery at that. My friends and family have now gone to Mr Frati for surgery. I trust him with my life! I cannot express how much I admire his work. He is the BOOB GOD!!! It’s the best thing I have ever done! I cannot thank him enough!

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Enlargement)

“Changed my life”

I went with [Dr] Frati after hearing great reviews on him and felt comfortable with him doing my breast enlargement.. I trusted his recommendation of 550cc implants and I am now very pleased that I did as my new 32FF breasts have changed my life.. I am already planning on rhinoplasty with [Dr] Frati shortly. He comes Highly recommended 🙂

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Enlargement)

“Made me a very happy lady”

What an amazing surgeon is the first thing I can say. He was so professional and when I would phone asking questions he would ask me to come in as he wanted me to be 100% confident with him as a person and his work. After my surgery and I saw the results even with plenty of dressings etc. I knew I was over the moon with the results. After the dressings were removed, the scarring was minimal to say the least, he really is a pro at very, very neat scars which was a concern of mine. All I can say is I could not have wished or asked for a better surgeon, he is truly remarkable at what he does and made me a very happy lady [giving me back my] confidence I had lost after having 2 children and [the] effects it had on my body. Could not recommend Mr Frati enough. A* surgeon.

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Uplift)

“Love my new tummy”

After two babies I had tried exercise and a healthy diet but it wasn’t going to get any better. At first I was nervous about what might happen but Dr Frati gave me [the] confidence that he [knew] how to help me. The whole process was very organised and smooth, I had support [throughout] and still do. I am very happy with the result, I’m 11 weeks post op now and love my new tummy, confidence and how well all my clothes fit now.

Patient UK (Operation - Tummy Tuck)

“I got the lift I wanted”

I have had heavy, saggy breasts since forever and I always wanted a breast lift. Whether I gained or lost weight, my breasts remained about the same size but always the same saggy shape. I’d been planning on getting my breasts lifted for a few years but was always so scared. So a couple of months ago I finally decided to get them done. I chose Dr Frati due to good reviews and I’m glad that I did. He explained that what I actually needed was a reduction due to the position of my nipples. Before the surgery I was a EE/F and now I’m still around an E cup, however I understand that once the swelling goes down I should be around a D/DD cup. Most importantly I got the “lift” that I wanted.

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Uplift)

“Mr Frati has a heart and a soul – a rare find”

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a large soft protruding stomach which has taken a knock on my self-esteem. Despite being really conscious of diet and exercise for years, little to no improvements were noticed on my stomach area . . . Within moments of meeting Mr Frati I knew he was my man. . . . Post-surgery care from Mr Frati and Helena has been nothing short of excellent. My hand was been held the whole way through and any concerns I’ve had during my healing process has been dealt with promptly and in a caring manner. . . . All in all, I am thrilled with the results so far and wouldn’t consider any other surgeon for any other procedure I might consider in the future.

[Note: The photograph is a model and not the patient.]

Patient UK (Operation - Vaser Liposuction to the Abdomen and Back)

“I've never been as happy or confident!”

I’ve always had a large bust and ever since I was 18 I’ve really wanted them reduced for a number of reasons – I suffered with really bad neck and back pain, I couldn’t wear a lot of the clothes I wanted to and found it even harder to find nice bras to fit but more than anything I was really insecure about how big and droopy they were. . . . When I met with Mr Frati for my consultation, I found him very professional and friendly. He had a lot of time for me and was more than happy to answer all of the questions I had brought with me. . . . The results from my surgery are better than I could have imagined. I feel as though I am so much lighter and my back and neck is already feeling better, but what is more exciting is how they look. They are perfectly symmetrical, extremely perk and they are a much more in proportion with the rest of me but I still have a great cleavage!

[Note: The photograph is a model and not the patient.]

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Reduction)

“I am so happy with my breasts”

The main reason I had wanted to have surgery carried out on my breasts was due to a previous breast operation that was done poorly and not to a professional standard. I had felt let down and misled. Upon researching the web and asking various family and friends for advice I had seen that Mr Frati had a great reputation and had helped a number of other patients with their operations. . . . Needless to say, Mr Frati had done an amazing job and now I am so happy with my breasts and their appearance. They healed quickly and with little discomfort. . . . The job he has done was exceptional and I cannot thank him enough. A true expert in his field.”

[Note: The photograph is a model and not the patient.]

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Augmentation)

“The best surgeon for breasts in London”

I thought about breast augmentation and an uplift following years working out in the gym. My breasts were left saggy and small from these gym workouts so I decided to book a consultation with Mr Frati. He is kind, caring, very honest and knows exactly what suited me. I went with his knowledge and expertise and booked for a breast augmentation with an uplift. I am now four months post op and I love the results! So natural and I feel so confident with my new body. I highly recommend Mr Frati to friends, family and anyone seeking a surgeon with such professionalism and skill. The best surgeon for breasts in London in my opinion!

[Note: The photograph is a model and not the patient.]

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Augmentation and Uplift)

“Having that personal touch meant a lot to me.”

My experience with Dr Frati was great; he was lovely on the day of my surgery and was very upbeat, even though I was a bag of nerves . . . . He made me feel very calm. . . . Having that personal touch meant a lot to me and felt like he valued me as a patient. My results are great and I am very pleased with them. I would definitely recommend Dr Frati to friends and family.

[Note: The photograph is a model and not the patient.]

Patient UK (Operation - Breast Augmentation)