Breast Implant Illness and BIA-ALCL: Breast explant surgery

Breast implant illness and BIA-ALCL: If you have breast implants, you may have heard of breast implant illness, and BIA-ALCL, which are risks associated with having breast implants.

BIA-ALCL is an extremely rare and highly-treatable type of lymphoma that can develop in the tissues surrounding breast implants. The risk is thought to be between 50,000:1 and 300,000:1. BIA-ALCL is a form of cancer of the immune system and not a type of breast cancer.

As an extensively-experienced explant surgeon, Dr Frati is dedicated to the full removal of the scar tissue (otherwise known as capsules) that surround breast implants which can cause BIA-ALCL. This is done by either an en bloc or total capsulectomy. En bloc removal is also sometimes referred to as a total capsulectomy but these procedures are not exactly the same.

An en bloc capsulectomy is the removal of a breast implant and the tissue that has grown around it to recover overall health in the patient. A total capsulectomy removes the breast implants and all the scar tissue that forms around the implants. There are differences in techniques with each procedure and Dr Frati will decide which would be best for you in your pre-procedure consultation.

Explant surgery for breast implant illness

Explant surgery is not considered a cosmetic procedure, however, all breast implants which are removed at Dr Frati’s clinic are done so that there is always the best outcome for recovery and that you feel you have a result which is both natural and pleasing in appearance, as well as the confidence that your health is no longer at risk.

An explant procedure at Dr Frati’s clinics consists of the following aspects:

• Full capsule removal (en bloc or total capsulectomy depending on Dr Frati’s choice)
• Pictures of implants and capsules
• Pathology
• Return of implants to you

Dr Frati will also use drains in the explant procedure and will test the seromas and capsules for patients who display symptoms of BIA-ALCL as well as testing for other, implant-related conditions. In your no obligation pre-procedure consultation, Dr Frati will offer you a step-by-step explanation of not only the procedure and the differences between the en bloc or total capsulectomy techniques but the potential risks, downtime and aftercare needed to make a full recovery back to health.

Dr Frati performs explant surgeries on a weekly basis and has over 1000+ explants and years of experience behind him. This makes him one of the world’s leading explant surgeons and is more likely to recognise breast implant-related illnesses as he has seen many cases.

Breast implant illness – speak to an experienced surgeon

If you are concerned about your breast implants or have been advised by your GP to seek surgical assistance for the removal of your implants, speak with one of our team to book a consultation and examination with Dr Frati.

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