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Facelift surgery is a cosmetic procedure to restore a younger, smoother, and more vibrant appearance to your face. When skin laxity develops past a certain point, injectables and non-invasive treatments often no longer produce the desired results for treating facial ageing. Dr Riccardo Frati’s minimally-invasive Facelift techniques will artfully restore the tight, youthful contours of your face and neck and help you look as young as you feel on the inside.

Advancements in facelift surgery (also known as rhytidectomy) enable Dr Frati to tighten and remodel facial skin and tissue with minimal scarring and reduced downtime. A facelift will address loose, sagging skin to reverse ageing around the eyes, mouth, and jawline. Incisions are hidden in the hairline. Dr Frati’s surgical methods additionally stimulate new collagen production, so men and women will enjoy fuller, healthier volume and improved skin quality following a facelift. 

Dr Riccardo Frati emphasizes a relaxing, respectful experience at Harley Plastic Surgery. Facelift results at Harley Plastic Surgery are elegant and custom-tailored. You don’t have to live with an aged, fatigued appearance. If you have fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, or drooping skin, contact Dr Frati to learn more about the life-changing benefits of a facelift today.


A facelift is a minimally-invasive rejuvenating surgery that addresses lax skin on the mid and lower face. The targeted procedure corrects skin sagging by tightening the facial structure and removing excess skin. Dr Frati is an expert in traditional, MACS, and keyhole facelifts. He will assess your case in a private consultation and work closely with you to select the method that will deliver the ideal results for your case. 

Facelifts are performed in the hospital with general anaesthesia. Many patients see their best results from combining a facelift with a neck lift


Both men and women agree that the way they look as they age matters. As we age, our skin’s internal supportive collagen and elastin fibres weaken, causing the skin to loosen and sag.[1] A facelift is one of the most popular procedures in the UK for a reason! Face Lift offers many life-changing benefits, including: 

  • Tighter, smoother skin 
  • Look as young as you feel inside
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Look healthier and more alert
  • Smoother application of makeup

Facelift Surgical Techniques

Facelifts at Harley Plastic Surgery are tailored to your facial structure and your unique case of facial ageing. Dr Frati performs Face Lift using one of three techniques: Traditional, MACS, or Keyhole. The technique you receive will depend on your personal preferences and Dr Frati’s professional recommendation.

Traditional Facelift

To perform traditional Face Lift, Dr Frati makes surgical incisions that begin at the front of the ears and extend up behind the ears. Incisions remain within the hairline, where they will be easily concealed.[2] Dr Frati will delicately lift the skin and reposition excess fat. He will tighten the facial muscles to restore long-lasting support of the tighter facial structure. Once the desired smooth skin contours have been achieved, Dr Frati will remove excess skin and stitch the incision closed with fine sutures. There will be no visible scarring following Traditional Face Lift. 

MACS Surgery

MACS surgery, short for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension, uses smaller incisions than the traditional facelift. The incisions will be made at the front of the ear, but only extend as far as the back of the earlobe. Dr Frai will tighten the facial muscles and remove excess skin using these small surgical incisions. Excess fat may also be addressed during MACS surgery. Minimal access facelift surgery is an excellent option for candidates who have earlier stages of facial ageing and a remaining degree of healthy skin laxity.  

Keyhole Surgery

The keyhole surgical method is performed using very small incisions in the facial skin. Dr Frati uses an endoscope, which will display a live image feed on a monitor. This endoscope enables Dr Frati to tighten the muscles and access unwanted fat for removal as needed while minimizing the strain on the facial tissues. This method produces a shorter recovery time and little-to-no scarring. Keyhole surgery is an effective technique for brow lifts and upper facelifts. Candidacy for keyhole surgery is determined on a case-by-case basis. 


You are a good candidate for facelift surgery if you:

  • Want to look younger and healthier
  • Have sagging, drooping skin around your mouth, eyes, or jawline
  • Have a fatigued or aged look
  • Have a mild to moderate remaining degree of skin laxity
  • Have positive but realistic expectations of your procedure outcomes
  • Are prepared for a period of downtime following your facelift
  • Are at a stable weight
  • Are in good health
  • Are a non-smoker 

To preserve the youthful features of the face for as long as possible, a facelift is most effective and long-lasting when patients have a moderate degree of remaining skin laxity. Patients who receive facelifts are anywhere between their early 30s to late 60s

Ageing affects us all differently. You deserve to find the anti-ageing solution that is most appropriate for you. Consult with a board-certified surgeon like Dr Frati to determine if you are ready for a Face Lift. If you are a better candidate for a convenient, non-surgical rejuvenation option at Harley Plastic Surgery, he will share his professional opinion with you. He is here to help you achieve your ideal results! 

Personal Consultation

Dr Frati believes in empowering his patients to make informed decisions to help them look and feel their best throughout their lives. Facelift candidates will receive a private consultation with Dr Frati, who will thoroughly discuss the aspects of facelift surgery with you. You are invited to ask any questions you have about facelift at this time! Dr Frati will take the time to get to know you, examine your facial structure, and assess your health history. He will also discuss your current medication and supplement use. Once he has a clear understanding of the results you would like to achieve, he will custom-tailor a facelift surgical plan to your specific needs.

Facelift surgery is an invasive, transformative anti-ageing surgery. Dr Frati will always put his patient’s health and safety first and will only recommend a facelift if it is an appropriate option for you. If a facelift is not the right rejuvenation option, Dr Frati offers a wide variety of anti-ageing technologies that will help you look and feel your best. 


Facelift patients will receive personalized preparation and recovery instructions. To avoid their blood-thinning effects, patients will be asked to discontinue the use of certain medications, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and Advil, as well as supplements like garlic, vitamin E, Ginko Biloba, or turmeric. 

Smoking also has a blood-thinning effect, so patients who smoke will be asked to discontinue smoking at least two weeks before and two weeks following their surgery date. 

If you have questions about your facelift surgery, contact our front desk team at Harley Plastic Surgery.


Patients who receive traditional facelift surgery will remain in the hospital following their procedure. You will be monitored as the effects of the general anaesthesia subside. Your face will be wrapped in a compression bandage to support the outcomes of the procedure and keep your incisions sterile. These bandages will likely be removed before you are released to continue your recovery at home. 

Patients will receive drains behind the ears for adequate drainage of excess blood and fluids. Depending on your needs, your drains may be left in place for a few days, or they may be removed before you return home from the hospital. Patients will return for a follow-up appointment within a week to have their healing assessed and to have drains or stitches removed as necessary.

Patients who receive minimal access or keyhole facelift may be able to return home the same day as their surgery. The details of your at-home recovery will be arranged with you well before your surgery. 

Your recovery timeline will vary based on the extent of your facelift surgery. Bruising and swelling are common following facelift. These conditions will resolve within a few weeks of your procedure. Patients are usually able to return to social events without concern within two to three weeks when makeup can be safely applied on incisions. Recovery on average is shorter following minimal access and keyhole facelift surgery than after traditional facelift surgery.


Facelift achieves dramatic results: you will notice an improvement in the contours of your face immediately after your surgery. You will see your final results emerge as bruising and swelling subside. Final results will be visible within eight weeks, though many MACS and keyhole facelift patients see their final, tight look develop much sooner. 


How long do facelift results last?

The anticipated life of your facelift will depend on the extent of your surgery and your dedication to safe-sun practices. Patients who maintain an active lifestyle and practice responsible sun protection measures daily will enjoy their smooth, tight results for years to come!


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