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Breast reduction surgery is a procedure performed to make a patient’s breasts smaller. (1) Glandular tissue, fat, and skin are removed to not only reduce the size and weight of the breasts but to also improve their shape and positioning on the chest wall. Patients often seek breast reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons and to reduce physical and emotional discomfort. This procedure can resolve the many issues that accompany overly large breasts, such as back and shoulder pain and skin irritation.

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Maybe you’ve struggled with back strain for years due to the weight of large breasts. Or, perhaps you’re exhausted by unwanted attention. Your body is beautiful, but girls and women do face challenges face from adolescence into adulthood from having large breasts. Breast surgery can help women feel more confident, and make life more enjoyable. Whatever your reason for seeking breast reduction, this procedure offers transformative results.

Dr Riccardo Frati and the team of Harley Surgery have helped many women to enjoy an improved quality of life with smaller breast contours that complement their body’s natural shape. If you are ready to see if breast reduction surgery may be right for you, contact our Manchester office today at +44 16 1327 2139, or through our online contact form.          

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Breast reductions are also known as reduction mammaplasties, and they are one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries.(1) Having breasts that are too large for your frame can lead to symptoms that include shoulder pain, neck strain, back pain, and irritation and infection in the breast fold. A breast reduction reduces the weight of the breasts so that women can maintain correct posture. It also addresses large breasts that sag beneath the inframammary fold, where the underside of the breast meets the chest wall. Once the excess tissue is removed, patients are left with a smaller, more shapely breast with volume that is distributed higher on the chest. During a breast reduction, the size and location of the areolas can also be adjusted, so that the nipples are restored to a perkier, natural location higher on the breast mound.

Reduction Mammoplasty Techniques

There are a wide variety of techniques and incision patterns that surgeons use during breast reduction surgeries. Dr Frati designs customized surgical approaches based on the woman’s breast size, tissue distribution, and degree of ptosis, or sagging. Regardless of the treatment plan, the goal remains the same: to eliminate excess tissue, and lift, support, and sculpt the breasts for optimal results.

Lollipop Breast Reduction
Also referred to as a vertical incision breast lift, this method is ideal for patients experiencing moderate sagging and a less extensive reduction. It is named after the shape that the incisions take once sutured closed: that of a lollipop. Surgeons remove skin from around the areola, which is left intact, and remains connected to the important blood supply, nerves, and remaining glandular tissue, so that sensation and the ability to breastfeed is preserved as best as possible.  Additional skin and underlying tissue is removed from directly below the areola, lightening and lifting the breast.

Anchor Breast Lift
This method, also called an inverted-T breast reduction, is useful in high-volume reductions, and is ideal for women with large breasts who experience moderate to severe sagging.  (1)  This reduction technique features an additional incision along the inframammary crease, so that the lower portion of the breast can be addressed, and sagging effectively eliminated. Once the necessary tissue is removed, and the incisions are closed, breast volume is more evenly distributed, and the breast mound and areola are located above the inframammary crease.(2) 

Liposuction can be a valuable addition to a breast reduction surgery because it is a minimally invasive way for Dr Frati to remove fatty tissue from the breasts and surrounding areas for more sculpted results. For women whose large breasts are predominantly composed of fatty, rather than glandular tissue, liposuction alone can be used for a breast reduction, and only small, nearly invisible incisions are required. After infiltrating the area with tumescent fluid, a thin tube called a cannula is inserted into the breast through a small incision. The cannula will then suction away fat and fluid from each breast. It is an ideal option for a minor reduction in breast size and for patients with good skin elasticity, who don’t require skin removal. (3) 


Benefits of breast reduction surgery include:

  • Better fitting clothing
  • Ability to lead a more active lifestyle
  • Rounder, lifted breast contours and balanced proportions
  • Relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain

Breast Reduction Candidates in Manchester

You may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if:

  • You are in generally good health
  • Your breasts limit movement and physical activity 
  • You carry realistic expectations about the procedure
  • You experience back, shoulder, and neck pain from the weight of your breasts
  • You experience skin irritation, rashes or infection underneath the crease of the breast
  • Your shoulders have indentations due to the weight of breasts tugging on bra straps

If you are a smoker, you may be ineligible for breast reduction surgery. Smoking can lead to complications while healing. (2)

Personal Consultation

Dr. Frati is a board-certified plastic surgeon whose studied blend of art and science has helped many patients to achieve beautiful results from breast reduction surgery. In your consultation at his Deansgate offices, we will discuss your goals and whether this procedure will be able to help. We will also provide before and after images to better prepare you for realistic expectations of how results will look. If you are ready to take the next step and learn more about breast reduction surgery, contact our Manchester office today at +44 16 1327 2139, or through our online contact form. In addition, our blog is a great starting point to learn more about cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and how they have helped to improve patients’ lives–we invite you to check it out!


To prepare for breast reduction surgery, you should:

  • Stop smoking several weeks prior
  • Arrange for help around the house and childcare during the first week of your recovery. 
  • Prepare your home for recovery and make sure that items such as medications, snacks, water, and entertainment and within close reach. 
  • Arrange transportation home from the procedure, and for a trusted person to remain with you for the first one to two days of recovery.
  • Secure recommended lab tests (e.g. mammogram, pregnancy test, Complete Blood Count (CBC), electrocardiogram, chest x-ray)–particularly if you are over 40 years old, as you will need to be cleared for surgery.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications, vitamins, and supplements–such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, Omega 3, and St. John’s Wort.


The length of a breast reduction surgery is about two to four hours, depending on the techniques being used and the extent of the procedure. You will be administered either general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and a sedative, depending on your specific needs. Once your surgery is complete and you’re ready to safely return home, you’ll be released to your designated caretaker to be driven home.  

Recovery will take about four to six weeks. On the doctor’s recommendation, you may be admitted to a hospital after the procedure and remain overnight and be monitored. You can begin light movement a few days post-procedure. In the first week, you may feel soreness and tightness in the breasts. Swelling should also subside around the second week.

Most patients return to work after one or two weeks. Results should become more visible after about four weeks once swelling has significantly subsided. You may resume more rigorous activity after about six to eight weeks. Any residual swelling should subside in three to four months. Dr Frati will provide instructions on how to best minimize the appearance of your scars as they heal. 


After a breast reduction, patients enjoy a smaller breast size, relief from discomfort, and the ability to confidently explore a new world of clothing options! Lifted, perky, and proportionate breasts allow women to confidently pursue the activities they desire. Additionally, patients will also experience new contours that sit in proportion to the body’s natural shape. Results are permanent but may fluctuate due to weight gain or the natural ageing process. 

How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost in Manchester?

The cost of breast reduction surgery will vary among patients depending on many factors: the surgical method selected; medical tests; medical facility fees; anaesthesia fees; and medication prescriptions, for example. You may also be eligible for insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery, as many insurance providers cover this procedure. We will be glad to provide a quote estimate in a consultation, along with a selection of financing options as needed.


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