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Pregnancy, giving birth and breastfeeding all take major tolls on the body. Women are often left with stretched abdominal skin, sagging breasts, and many other aesthetic concerns. A Mommy Makeover is designed for women who want their pre-baby body back. Mommy Makeovers include different procedures to ensure your body is sculpted and restored to look its best.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover (Mummy Makeover) is a cosmetic surgery aimed at restoring the appearance of mothers. Mommy Makeovers include different procedures such as:

Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement and breast uplift surgeries are frequently sought and combined in a Mommy Makeover.

A breast lift can correct skin laxity, stretched areolas and the position of nipples. Breast uplifts help to rejuvenate the chest and help the breasts look younger and their profile perkier. Breast lifts can easily be combined with breast enlargement surgery. Enlargement highly customizable procedure accomplished with silicone or saline implants. Patients have a lot of control over the exact size and shape their breasts will be. Combined, these two surgeries will transform your appearance and restore your breasts to a younger position and appearance.

Tummy Tuck

A partial or full tummy tuck will help reduce excess tissue around the stomach and smooth out curves. A partial tummy tuck, also known as a mini tummy tuck, involves a short incision above the pubic hairline. Through this incision Dr Frati trims away excess skin. A fully tummy tuck implements a longer incision, often from hip to hip and through the incision is able to access both extra skin and the underlying abdominal muscles. Loose skin will be removed, the belly button relocated to a natural location and the ab muscles will be repaired and tightened. Tummy tuck procedures can be very helpful in reducing stretch-marked skin and helping the abdomen look slim again.


Dr Frati specializes in Vaser liposuction and power-assisted liposuction. Tumescent fluid is used alongside these methods to improve the safety and efficiency of the procedure. Tumescent fluid is a medicated saline solution that works to constrict blood vessels and reduce bleeding during surgery. This fluid also makes fat cells easier to access, allowing your surgery to be performed swiftly.

Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound technology to emulsify fat cells. Once the cells are melted, Dr Frati uses a small cannula to remove them from the treatment area.

Power-assisted liposuction on the other hand implements a tool that sends vibrations through the fat cells. These vibrations help to gently detach fat cells from healthy tissue. Dr Frati only uses methods that have been tested and ensured to provide amazing results. Liposuction is a great way to get rid of bothersome areas of fat that are resistant to workouts and healthy eating. Liposuction can also be used alongside other cosmetic procedures, like tummy tucks, to maximize results. Liposuction treatment areas include the buttocks, hips, thighs, flanks, upper arms, tummy and double chin.

Dr Frati and you will discuss these procedures and others to determine what plan of action will provide your ideal outcome.

Why a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover (Mummy Makeover) restores the pre-baby body. What mothers love about Mommy Makeovers is that the procedures truly transforms their appearance and boosts their confidence. These surgeries will turn back the clock and allow you to enjoy your youth again.

Another aspect our patients love about Mommy Makeovers is that they are completely customizable. Each surgery will be customized to the features of their body and ideal aesthetic. The treatments included in the Mommy Makeover will be chosen by you and based on what you want your body to look like. Dr Frati will take you through your options and help you create your best treatment plan.

You know you will get amazing results with Dr Frati. He is skilled at his work and has been noticed by the public. Having performed cosmetic surgeries on many celebrities, he is adept at customizing treatment plans that ensure the best results. Schedule a consultation with us today if you are interested in learning more about Mommy Makeovers.


Mothers deserve some pampering! A Mommy Makeover is the supreme makeover. Mother’s who are happy with the size of their family and are looking to improve their appearance are great candidates for these procedures. The best way to find out if a Mommy Makeover is right for you is to meet with Dr Frati and discuss your interest and options.

Personal Consultation

During your private consultation with Dr Frati, he will take you through the different options involved in a Mommy Makeover and suggest what he thinks will give you your best results.

Dr Frati will also take the opportunity to learn about your health and perform a physical examination to make sure you have a safe Mommy Makeover. The best procedures for you will be determined and planned out in this meeting.


The best way to prepare for a Mommy Makeover (Mummy Makeover) is to follow Dr Frati’s instructions. These instructions will include preparing an area of your home to recover in, picking up prescriptions, arranging transportation to and from appointments, and many other steps that will ensure a healthy surgery and recovery. Please give our office a call with any questions you may have.

Mommy Makeover Procedure

Your surgery will be performed in different steps with ample time between each cosmetic surgery to allow for healing. Dr Frati will use cutting-edge techniques to ensure your safety and best results are achieved. When incisions are applied they will be hidden in the natural curves of your body. Dr Frati will inform you of the details of each of your procedures.


There will be different recovery instructions for each procedure that Dr Frati provides you with.

The main things to remember during post-operative recovery is to take it slow. Get plenty of rest, eat well, stay hydrated and take brief walks when you can. Each of these actions will help you have a positive recovery. Another important part of a healthy recovery is attending follow-up appointments with Dr Frati. In these appointments, he will remove the stitches, examine and clean incisions and ask about your recovery. Dr Frati will let you know what to expect for the rest of your recovery and when you could schedule the next step of your Mommy Makeover.


The outcomes of the different procedures will be noticeable immediately. These improvements are long-lasting and are very impactful. We want you to enjoy your newly sculpted body for as long as possible. Healthy skin care, eating well and exercising will keep you looking and feeling your greatest.

Complementary Procedures

A Mommy Makeover can include any procedure that restores your appearance and boosts your confidence.

Mommy Makeovers often include a facelift or vaginal rejuvenation. A facelift will restore your youth and turn the clock back by quite a few years. Vaginal rejuvenation can provide two benefits – improved appearance of the outer genitalia and improved sex life. Pregnancy and giving birth may stretch out the exterior genitalia. Vaginal rejuvenation is a delicate surgery that can trim excess tissue and help restore a neat appearance to the labia majora and minora.

This treatment may include interior tightening that provides improved sexual experience.

These are just a few of the other procedures that are often combined with a Mommy Makeover. Your surgery will be unique to you and your body goals. Make a list of the procedures you are interested in and bring it with you to your consultation with Dr Frati. He will happily go over the different techniques and how they can be used to improve your appearance and quality of life.


The cost of your procedure will be unique to the procedures pursued by you and Dr Frati. Each lady who undergoes a Mommy Makeover will have a particular body goal in mind. The cost of your surgery will reflect the custom made treatment plan Dr Frati creates for you.

Schedule a consultation with us today so you can start down the path to a younger, rejuvenated appearance.


What is included in a Mommy Makeover?

There are many procedures that can be included in a Mommy Makeover. The primary treatments included in Mommy Makeover are tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Other procedures that are frequently combined in a Mommy Makeover include facelift, vaginal rejuvenation and other treatments that improve the appearance of the mother. Dr Frati and you will create your own personalized Mommy Makeover.

Does insurance cover Mommy Makeover?

Insurance does not cover Mommy Makeover because it is a cosmetic procedure.

How much does it cost for a Mommy Makeover?

The cost of a Mommy Makeover is different between each patient. This is due to the highly customizable aspect of the procedures as well as the many techniques implemented to ensure your best results are achieved. Dr Frati will go over a cost breakdown with you during your private consultation with him.

How long is the recovery from a Mommy Makeover?

The recovery length of your Mommy Makeover will depend on which surgery has been performed. Tummy tucks and breast augmentation each take six to eight weeks to recover from. You will likely need to wait an extra few weeks before your pursue your next surgery. Dr Frati and you will determine which procedures will help you get your body back and how they should be spaced out.

How much does a mini tummy tuck cost?

A tummy tuck, also known as a partial tummy tuck, is for men and women with minimal skin sagging along the abdomen. This procedure includes a short incision above the pubic hairline. Through this incision Dr Frati will excise extra skin and smooth out the appearance of the stomach. Dr Frati will let you know if you are a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck.