About Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery

We are of the firm belief that plastic surgery should always offer a significant resolution to an issue, and that it should be a majorly positive experience. We always endeavour to give you the most beautiful end result possible. The team, who have no qualms when caring for you before, during and after a procedure, offset the physical stress of surgery exquisitely.

We thrive on making you supremely comfortable and paying you, as an individual, the attention that you deserve.


Dr Frati has featured as a specialist regular guest speaker at many national and international conferences such as the Face Conference held at The Royal Society of Medicine, London, as well the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery meeting, Rio De Janiero to name but a few.

A Specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeon consulting in London, Chelmsford and Manchester, Dr Frati is a highly sought after surgeon and consequently his diary is booked well in advance.

Dr Frati’s pioneering and advanced techniques have featured on ITV’s This Morning, in The Times, Daily Mail, Independent, FHM, GMTV, 10 Years Younger; just a few of many publications and broadcast television programs.

Dr Frati has held posts in both a variety of renowned plastic surgery clinics and prestigious private and NHS hospitals throughout the UK.


Our post treatment care is second to none and the amount of former patients and current practitioners who speak highly of us is a testament to this. Discover more about our reputation on the Testimonials page and from researching what is being said about us all over the country.

We understand that selecting the right plastic surgeon is a tremendously important decision and it should never be taken lightly. One of the core considerations is simply the ability to give you the desired aesthetic result. We believe that there are two key facets involved when it comes to determining who will be right for you. The first is to look over previous work on similar cases. The second and perhaps most important is the capability to openly communicate. That is why Dr Frati and the team always make sure that we are both fully comfortable with the notions presented and that your specific goals are understood before proceeding with any surgery.

All procedures are carried out after an in depth consultation in a friendly and relaxed manner; encouraging patients to ask about any queries or concerns that they may have prior to undergoing surgery. Dr Frati has a thorough and sensitive approach to ensure that his patients are completely confident about their treatment.