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Am I suitable for a mummy makeover?

Am I suitable for a mummy makeover?: We have all heard the phrase ‘yummy mummy’ and none so often as in the media and glossy magazines, with images of celebrities seeming to spring back in to shape in what seems like minutes after giving birth. The good news is that nowadays, being a mum doesn’t… Read the full article

How long does a breast augmentation last?

How long does breast augmentation last?: If you are considering breast augmentation which involves placing a prosthetic implant to enlarge and enhance your breasts, you will probably have a tonne of questions to ask your surgeon. One of which may be “how long will the implants last?”. This is a common query for patients as… Read the full article

Mummy makeover surgery in Manchester

Mummy makeover surgery: Most of us are aware that the body can go through dramatic changes before, during and after having a baby but many don’t realise the significant impact of childbirth on body shape, skin quality and our general wellbeing. First off, weight gain will almost certainly take its toll, stretching of the skin… Read the full article

Male To Female Breast Augmentation Surgery

Transgender breast augmentation: The journey of reassigning your gender can be fraught with difficult decisions. If your heart and soul tells you that the changes you are making to your body is your life’s desire, having supportive and caring medical professionals to help you make that change, can make the whole experience exciting and less… Read the full article

A breast implant for you

If you’re under the impression that breast implant surgery means the same techniques and the same type of implant is used for everyone, you’d be mistaken. Breast augmentation is an individual procedure for each and every patient, as everyone has their own physiology and their own requirements for results. Dr Riccardo Frati is one of… Read the full article

Revision rhinoplasty, what you need to know

Most plastic surgeons will agree that rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK. However, it can be a tricky procedure. This is due to many factors. The nose is a complex structure and is an obvious and noticeable feature of the face. Ensuring that the nasal function is preserved whilst… Read the full article

Breast reduction surgery for a more confident ‘you’

If you have large breasts that are out of proportion with the rest of your body, you may be experiencing feelings of self-consciousness. Many people might think that having large breasts is a virtue, imagining the busty film stars and TV personalities with perfectly pert boobs, but if you are one of the millions of… Read the full article

Is liposuction safe?

Most of us try and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to look our best. Eating well and taking regular exercise is the mainstay of anyone who wants to stay looking and feeling terrific. However, as we get older and the metabolism slows down, we can start to see problematic areas of stubborn fat that… Read the full article

Breast surgery aftercare

Having breast surgery can be one of the most rewarding things that you do for your bodily confidence. If you’re looking to enlarge your breasts and enhance their shape, or if you have opted for a breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty) to help with over-sized or misshapen breasts; the results can be life-changing. Breast augmentation or… Read the full article

Liposuction – surgical or non-surgical?

If you are looking to permanently remove areas of unsightly, stubborn fat, there are now many different procedures that are available, both surgical and non-surgical. Researching these various methods can be overwhelming and at Dr Frati’s clinics in London and Manchester, we are always being asked whether a surgical approach is better than non-surgical techniques… Read the full article

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