Cheek Implants

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The features of a youthful face often begin with good bone structure. High, rounded and full cheeks covered in smooth and hydrated skin give a face a child like youthfulness and well structured cheek bones can carry someone in to old age and are considered a lucky feature by the onlooker.

As we age, bone density and fat loss can create a sunken look and if the structure of the cheek bones is weak, this exacerbates the problem, making us look older than our years.

To combat the signs of ageing and bring back a youthful structure to the face, Dr Frati offers cheek implants (augmentation) to his patients with extremely impressive results.

What is cheek implant surgery?

Cheek implant surgery is a surgical method where your existing bone structure is built upon by inserting an implant over the top of your cheek bones. The implants are usually inserted through a small incision inside your mouth where your cheek joins the upper gum areas. This means that there is no visible scarring. Sometimes the surgeon may decide to insert the implant through a cut in the lower eyelid. The material used for the implant is usually silicone or another manufactured material that is tolerated well by the body. Sometimes it is necessary to use a bone graft, usually taken from the hip. If a bone graft is used there will be some scarring in the area the graft is taken from. However, Dr Frati will discuss this with you prior to your operation.

How do I know if I am suitable for cheek implant surgery?

As with any surgical and non-surgical procedure, Dr Frati will insist on a consultation, prior to making a decision on whether you are suitable for the treatment. In consultation he will take a full medical history and will ask you questions about why you are considering the surgery. This is not only to ensure you are well physically, but emotionally prepared and healthy for the procedure. He will discuss your concerns and will decide then whether he feels cheek implants will be a suitable option for you.

Do I need a general anaesthetic?

Depending on what Dr Frati decides, the surgery can be performed under general or local anaesthetic. In both cases, you will usually be able to return home later that day and will be advised to plan some time off so that you can recover.

When will I see the results?

As cheek implant surgery is essentially, an invasive, surgical procedure, you will see results straight away. However, you will need to consider that you will experience swelling and bruising as well as some discomfort (though pain relief will be provided to you). The swelling may take a week or so to disappear and in most cases, full results can be seen between 4 to 8 weeks post op. Everyone is different regarding recovery times and it is important to be patient and to rest and eat well so that your body can heal effectively. You may be advised to have some MLD treatment following the procedure to gently drain any excess fluid and reduce swelling. Again, this will be advised upon consultation with Dr Frati.