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A smile is your welcome to the world.

When you flash those pearly whites, you want them to actually be white. If you struggle with yellow tartar, brown coffee stains, or pink dentine in a dead or dying tooth, then you should consult Dr Derla.

Conveniently located on Harley Street in London, Dr Chiara Derla understands the delicacies of tooth maintenance and aesthetic dentistry. Keeping teeth white is not a simple matter of bleaching; it requires detailed knowledge about the root causes of decay and dulling. If you have questions about your dental cosmetic outlook, call 0203 633 2619 and schedule an appointment with one of our helpful, knowledgeable staff members.

What Is the Difference Between Vital and Non-Vital Whitening?

When your teeth lose their lustre, there are two main factors driving the dynamic from white to what? Teeth lose their sheen from within and from without. When plaque and tartar build up on the outside of your enamel, it can create a yellow, unsightly appearance. Substances like soda and wine can stain the already built-up decay on your teeth, staining them even further. As the enamel protecting the teeth deteriorates with age, it reveals the dentine beneath it. Dentine has a yellow hue that is displeasing to many onlookers. 

Your individual whitening strategy must consider the underlying causes of why your teeth are changing colour.

Dr Derla is able to assess your needs and determine the best course of action for your aesthetic goals. She will begin by identifying whether a tooth is vital or non-vital, as their care requires very different approaches.

Vital Tooth Whitening in London

A “vital” tooth is one that is still alive. To whiten vital teeth, we must respect the living material that gives your smile its signature gleaming glow. Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in most bleaching processes, which helps eradicate certain agents that stain the teeth:

  • Tannins – Found in plant-based products, tannins enable coloured foods and beverages to linger on the surface of a tooth and do extensive damage
  • Acids – By degrading the surface of tooth enamel, acids allow stains to seap deeper into the outer layers of your dentistry
  • Chromogens – Food dyes and certain organic materials, called chromogens, alter the pigmentation of your enamel

The type of vital whitening you need depends on the level of degradation your teeth have undergone. Over-the-counter whitening kits contain about 6% hydrogen peroxide, overnight bleach mouthguards only consist of approximately 3% but an office bleaching can safely treat your teeth with a 25-35% hydrogen peroxide solution.[1] For the proper vital whitening protocol for your mouth, book a consultation with Dr Derla.

Non-Vital Tooth Whitening in London

The pulp inside a tooth transmits blood and nutrients from the gums to the rest of the tooth. Pulp also helps form dentine, which lines and protects the sensitive inner layers of your teeth. Over time, pulp decays and sometimes dies.

When blood stops flowing to the teeth, those teeth are considered non-vital. 

Injury to a tooth may also render it non-vital. Even if a dentist repairs the outer layers of enamel, teeth are non-vital when there is no circulation through the pulpy layer. Some non-vital teeth take on a pink hue when the blood that once flowed through them gets trapped. Whitening a non-vital tooth may require a two-tiered approach. In addition to treating the exterior layers of enamel and dentine, your dental professional must also consider the pulp within a non-vital tooth.

If you fail to whiten a non-vital tooth from within and without, it could easily revert to its non-white state in a short span of time.

The bleaching agent applied to the outside of a non-vital tooth must be strong enough to penetrate the enamel and whiten the dentine below. Dentine is the organic material that gives teeth their colour.[2] Dr Derla can access the dentine layer of a discoloured tooth with a gentle injection of a concentrated whitening gel. By directly targeting the root causes of gray, pink, or brown discolouration, Dr Derla will rejuvenate your non-vital tooth with vitality to spare!

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Dr Derla is a big fan of smiles, so she wants to encourage yours. 

Regardless of whether your teeth are vital or non-vital, a blemish on your smile can negatively affect your confidence. You may try to shield a “bad tooth” from view, stifle a laugh, or avoid smiling altogether.

By whitening your teeth, we can vanquish your inhibitions and bolster your joy.

Best Candidates for Tooth Whitening

tooth whitening candidates

If you are a healthy individual visiting or residing in the London vicinity, then you may be an ideal candidate for tooth whitening. Dr Derla can examine your teeth, identify which ones are vital and which are non-vital, and formulate a brilliant strategy to brighten your smile.

Root canals can leave patients feeling dissatisfied with the look and feel of their non-vital teeth. Approximately 10% of respondents indicate that they are unhappy with the aesthetics of the affected tooth after a root canal procedure.[3] If you have a non-vital tooth as a result of root canal therapy, whitening could be the perfect solution for you.

Vital tooth whitening is advisable to anyone who wants to boost the brightness of their teeth. If your teeth fall under either the non-vital or vital categories of dental desires, we want to meet with you.

Schedule a Dental Consultation in London, UK

Dr Derla is eager to discuss your cosmetic goals. She will assess your teeth, listen to your concerns, and create a strategy to bring your aesthetics to the next level. For the best dental care in the UK, contact the Harley Surgery team and smile with pride!

Preparation for Teeth Whitening

During your individual consultation, Dr Derla will provide you detailed instructions on how to prepare for your whitening procedure. You may be asked to avoid certain foods and beverages in the days leading up to your session. The nature of your procedure will depend on whether you are whitening a vital or non-vital tooth (or teeth).

Vital and Non-Vital Whitening Procedures

When you arrive at Harley Surgery, the staff will attend to your needs and answer any questions you may have. Dr Derla is an expert with both non-vital and vital teeth whitening techniques, but each case varies. You may be fitted with a mouth guard to administer overnight bleaching after your office visit. Dr Derla may also provide laser whitening, a procedure that “paints” your vital teeth with a bleaching agent and then activates the bleach with a carefully focused laser beam.

To access the pulp inside a non-vital tooth, your skilled dental professional will decide upon the least invasive route possible. This may be through a cavity, filling, or gap created during a past dental procedure. Your dental practitioner will treat the pulp chamber with the appropriate whitening solution.[4]

Regardless of which treatment Dr Derla performs, she can deliver whiter, brighter results for your smile!

Rapid Recovery – Tooth Whitening in a Flash

Teeth whitening is a gentle, careful process. You should not require any downtime for recovery, but please follow Dr Derla’s directions closely. She may advise you to avoid certain meals or activities in the hours following your whitening procedure. Your dental health is Dr Derla’s top priority.

Ravishing Results – Teeth Whitening Done Right

If you are bothered by the stains on your teeth or the dulling effects of age, a whitening session may be just what the doctor ordered. Dr Derla can work miracles with both non-vital and vital tooth rejuvenation procedures. To perk up your pearlies, schedule an appointment at Harley Surgery. A sunny, stunning smile awaits you in the mirror!

Complementary Procedures 

Whitening is just one part of the equation when it comes to perfecting your smile. Dr Derla takes a holistic approach to dental aesthetics, as her Smile Design techniques can attest. If you need to address chipped teeth, crooked alignments, or any other issues that displease you, Dr Derla can help!

What Does Tooth Whitening Cost in London?

Every patient is unique and each one demands personalized attention. The price of teeth whitening depends on the extent of a procedure and the duration of a treatment session. Call 0203 633 2619 and ask one of our friendly staff for payment options to manage your teeth whitening needs. 


What is a non-vital tooth?

Non-vital teeth no longer have blood flowing through the pulp. When the outer layers of a tooth do not receive nutrients through the pulp, they require special care and maintenance. For assistance whitening a non-vital tooth, please contact Dr Derla.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Yes. When administered by a trained professional, teeth whitening procedures are gentle, comfortable and effective. Please visit our reviews page to see how grateful our amazing clients have been!


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