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Do you diet and workout, but still struggle to achieve your ideal toned, sculpted body? VASER Liposuction is one of the world’s most advanced technologies for fat elimination and body sculpting.

VASER Liposuction dramatically reduces fat and remodels tissue to deliver toned muscle definition. This minimally-invasive liposuction method has revolutionized the results men and women can accomplish with fat elimination treatments. VASER liposuction promotes greater skin tightening and shorter recovery times than traditional liposuction, earning it the nickname “Lunchtime Lipo.”

Dr Riccardo Frati was personally mentored by the famed inventor of VASER liposuction, plastic surgeon Dr Alfredo Hoyos. Dr Frati received his qualification in Columbia, the original home of VASER liposuction. Only a few specialist consultant plastic surgeons have the training required to perform VASER liposuction.

Are you ready for slim, toned legs, a more contoured buttocks, or six-pack abs? Contact Harley Plastic Surgery for a private VASER consultation today.

What is the Difference Between VASER and Traditional Liposuction?

Liposuction is a minimally-invasive surgery that extracts stubborn subcutaneous fat in order to improve the contours of the treated area.

Traditional Liposuction is performed using a slim cannula, a few small incisions, and tumescent fluid. VASER liposuction incorporates ultrasound energy during the fat elimination process in order to achieve a gentler procedure and enable better contouring. A fine fibre optic will emit ultrasound waves from the cannula to improve fat breakdown and promote tissue contracture. The result is a slimmer, more defined contour and a shorter, more convenient recovery.

The VASER liposuction technique can safely address subcutaneous fat almost anywhere on the body. If you have stubborn fat that does not respond to diet and exercise, you are a good candidate to achieve your body goals with VASER liposuction.

About Fat

Some fat on the body is healthy. An excess of fat, however, can detract from an individual’s body contours and increase their risk of conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Subcutaneous fat often forms just beneath the skin as we age. Common sources of subcutaneous fat on the body include the abdomen, flanks, arms, bra line, thighs, buttocks, and chin. Unfortunately, this fat is often resistant to diet and exercise. VASER liposuction is designed to help healthy men and women get rid of this frustrating fat for good. VASER has enabled thousands of patients to achieve their healthiest body contours for the long-term!

Patients also have a second form of fat that forms deeper in the body, known as visceral fat. Visceral fat forms around the internal organs and will not be addressable with VASER liposuction. If your stomach is firm and protruding, you may have a case of visceral fat. Thankfully, visceral fat can be addressed with diet and exercise.

Patients with troublesome tummy flab are excellent candidates for VASER liposuction. Dr Frati will be happy to assess your case to help you determine if you are a good candidate for VASER liposuction, a combination of VASER and tummy tuck, or if you will need to simply find a diet and workout regimen that works for you.

Benefits of VASER

  • Gently slim and sculpt anywhere on the body
  • Eliminate your last remaining pockets of fat
  • Slim your jawline
  • Sculpt six-pack abs
  • Put the finishing touches on your fit physique
  • Customized procedure for tailored results
  • Improve the proportions of your body
  • Achieve a long-lasting result
  • Eliminate fat from the body long-term
  • Less invasive than traditional liposuction
  • Improved recovery


VASER liposuction is safe for men and women over the age of 18 who are in overall good health and are within a few pounds of their goal weight. If you have a store of fat that looks out of place on your body that you have not been able to address with diet and exercise, VASER liposuction sculpts away tough fat for targeted, natural-looking results. Patients with a stomach pooch, double chin, or flabby arm contour are excellent candidates for VASER liposuction.

Candidates for VASER liposuction should have healthy skin elasticity. The procedure will address fat and provide a degree of skin tightening. It is not intended to address more than a small amount of excess skin.

Dr Frati’s artful VASER liposuction technique reduces recovery times, making it not only an effective but also a convenient body contouring option for individuals with busy schedules.

VASER lipo is a body contouring procedure.

While one of the benefits of liposuction is fat-elimination, it is not intended to be used as a weight loss solution. Patients will see their best results with VASER if they are at a stable weight and have finished their intended weight loss regimen.

Best candidates for VASER liposuction are those who have positive but realistic expectations for the outcomes of any cosmetic procedure. Candidates should be non-smokers who are free of pre-existing conditions that could impact their body’s ability to heal. Dr Frati will consult with patients to determine if VASER liposuction is appropriate for them.


When it comes to VASER liposuction, Dr Frati is an artist. His experience learning directly from the creator of VASER, Dr Alfredo Hoyos, helped him develop an unprecedented ability to sculpt the muscles and reduce fat with VASER to deliver his patients’ preferred results. He will take time getting to know you and the physique you would like to achieve during a private consultation at Harley Plastic Surgery. This is an opportunity to share your questions about VASER liposuction and get to know Dr Frati a little better, as well.

In order to make sure VASER liposuction is an appropriate treatment for you, Dr Frati will take your health history and medication use into consideration. Once he has examined the area of your body you would like to address and has a comprehensive understanding of your goals, he will work with you to create your personal VASER treatment plan.


VASER liposuction is performed in-hospital. Patients will be kept comfortable under either general or local anesthesia and sedation, depending on the size of their treatment area.

In order to perform VASER liposuction, Dr Frati will first introduce tumescent fluid into the treatment area. Tumescent fluid is a customizable solution of saline, epinephrine, and an anesthetic. Tumescent fluid constricts blood vessels and causes the fat cells to swell, thereby making them easier to target and gently remove.

Dr Frati will make a few small incisions in places that will be easily concealed by the natural folds of the body. Once the slim VASER cannula has been inserted into the treatment area, he will begin targeting the unwanted fat with ultrasound energy. A tiny fibre will emit ultrasound waves from the tip of the cannula, which will help to emulsify fat. The emulsified fat will be gently suctioned from the area.

Dr Frati will eliminate troublesome fat, as well as sculpt the fat and tissue around the muscles to accomplish a defined, muscular look. The ultrasound energy has the benefit of promoting tissue contracture, resulting in less bleeding and tighter skin tone.

Once the desired contour has been achieved, the tiny incisions will be closed with fine sutures and bandaged. The entire procedure is designed to minimize strain on the body and maximize the degree of body contouring Dr Frati can achieve.


Patients will be monitored in-hospital before they are released to complete their recovery at home. While patients who undergo large-scale VASER liposuction may stay for a night following their surgery, most patients are able to return home the same day as their procedure.

You will receive personalized post-procedure instructions to help you complete your most comfortable recovery at home.You will also return for follow-up appointments throughout your recovery. If you have any questions following your recovery from VASER liposuction, Dr Frati will be happy to help.

VASER technology is effective on fat and gentle on the surrounding tissues. Bruising and swelling post-procedure will occur but will be minimal. A compression garment may need to be worn for the weeks to encourage the body to accept its new tighter contours. Use of the compression garment will also help reduce bruising and swelling more quickly.

Patients can expect to be back at work within days of VASER liposuction. More physically-demanding jobs may require a longer recovery period. Dr Frati will discuss your recovery timeline with you during your consultation.


Your body contours will be slimmer immediately following VASER liposuction surgery. Results of VASER liposuction will become more apparent as bruising and swelling subside. Final results will show within two to three months.

VASER will sculpt down your body for a more defined, athletic look. Your soft, flabby problem area will be transformed into the six-pack abs, toned arms, or tighter jawline you desire.

If you are an overall healthy person who has difficult-to-lose fat on a targeted area of your body, VASER may be the answer you’ve been looking for! Schedule an appointment at Harley Plastic Surgery to learn more about the impressive results Dr Frati achieves with VASER liposuction.


VASER liposuction pricing reflects the details of patients’ personalized treatment plan. Once patients have determined their preferred form of anesthesia, the size of the area they would like to address, and the goals they would like to achieve with Dr Frati, they will receive an appropriate cost breakdown.