Choosing the best London Breast Surgeon for you

When considering breast augmentation, it is important to be selective about the surgeon who will perform your treatment as well as the clinical team supporting them.

There are hundreds of breast augmentation surgeons in London and Manchester and thousands in the UK, so it could seem like a daunting task to find the right one for you.

With this in mind, we aim to offer as much information and guidance as possible, so you can make an educated choice. After all, deciding on surgery is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and it’s vital to feel confident and happy with your decisions, every step of the way.

Firstly, it’s advisable to know your potential breast surgeon’s history and qualifications.

Mr Frati qualified as a doctor with honours from the University of Rome and then went on to specialise in plastic and cosmetic surgery. A Specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeon consulting in London and Manchester, Mr Frati is a highly sought after surgeon and consequently his diary is booked well in advance. Mr Frati has held posts in both a variety of renowned plastic surgery clinics and prestigious private and NHS hospitals throughout the UK, has published over 100 scientific papers and regularly attends the most important international conferences to keep abreast of the latest industry techniques.

However, don’t solely rely on what is in black and white. It’s important to attend a consultation with your potential breast surgeon so that you can see if you like his or her manner, approach and understand the procedure you are due to undertake. We recommend visiting 3 potential surgeons. This way you will really be able to see who you ‘gel’ with and feel more confident in performing your surgery. Of course it’s vital that your surgeon has the right qualifications and experience in your particular surgery, but their personality needs to compliment your expectations and this will only be discovered face-to-face.

Mr Frati has a keen interest in the ever evolving and rapidly advancing world of breast augmentation and is continuously researching state-of-the-art and innovative techniques so that he can not only ensure the best results possible, but feels it is his duty to be able to offer his patients the safest and most effective forms of treatment to aid both the outcome and a speedy recovery.

Not only is it vital to be sure that you choose the right surgeon, but that his team are equally as professional, skilled and caring in their approach. Mr Frati has painstakingly chosen the most experienced patient liaison staff and clinic management who are expertly trained and dedicated to support Dr Frati in all aspects of your journey with us. We are passionate to make you feel as confident, well-informed and comfortable as possible, at every step. We also ensure that we adhere to all medical CQC and safety regulations so you can rest-assured you are in the very best of hands for your breast augmentation surgery.

In summary, when seeking your breast surgeon, see two or three surgeons, examine their credentials and use your intuition when it comes to how they make you feel in the consultation, research the clinic on line and if in doubt, seek some reviews online. However, don’t get too bogged down with review sites, rather seek testimonials from the clinic website (there is a lot of propaganda out there). Limit your search to two or three well-researched specialists and ensure that one of their main specialisms is breast augmentation ( you could end up going to visit too many and confusing yourself, so do your research beforehand). Make sure you get to meet the clinic reception and support team on your first or second visit and perhaps have a conversation with the clinic manager to find out how you feel about the support staff on hand. Once you have visited your clinics and had your initial consultation, you should have a good idea of who you feel is for you. And don’t forget, if you’re still unsure, there’s always the chance to take a second or third visit before making your choice.

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