Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2016

According to recent research over 51,000 Britons underwent some form of cosmetic surgery last year. With the rise in celebrities talking openly about their procedures and the current fascination with selfies, this number is likely to increase. The popularity of social media and face time apps have made people more aware of their physical appearance and it is thought that this has impacted on the number of cosmetic surgeries and procedures being sought each year.

We are often asked about the popularity of our work and which procedures are more popular. The following are our predictions for 2016.

1. Breast augmentation has always been our most requested procedure and this trend is likely to continue. However, we are seeing a reduction in the number of large breast implants and an increasing number of requests for smaller breasts.

2. Similarly, we are experiencing increasing requests for breast reductions. This is perhaps partly due to a number of high profile celebrities talking about their recent reduction surgeries and partly due to changes in perception of body aesthetics.

3. Vaginal cosmetic surgeries are also increasing. Once a taboo subject, this is now widely discussed in the media and is linked to the popular ‘Mommy Makeover’. Factors such as aging and childbirth can affect how the genitalia looks and feels. Surgery not only helps improve the physical appearance but can also reshape or tighten the vagina.

4. Many surgeons have noticed an increase in requests for surgery to the neck and jawline. Women have been undergoing these surgeries for years and it seems that they are now becoming increasingly popular with men. We are also noticing an increase in enquiries for surgery in this area.

5. With the constant improvements in technology we are able to offer smaller, quicker procedures. More men and women are opting for small, subtle changes or ‘tweakments’ that provide natural-looking results and have shorter recovery periods.

6. Again, due to an increasing openness about cosmetic surgery and the popularity of social media and selfies, we are finding that the number of men requesting cosmetic surgery in general is on the rise.

7. The desire to look younger is a driving factor in many of our procedures. As such we are expecting an increase in filler requests in 2016, not only for the face but for other areas of the body such as hands.

8. Finally, as we improve our technology and processes and reduce operation and recovery times, we expect to see an increased demand for fat removal procedures such as liposuction and vaser liposuction.

If you would like to discuss any of the above procedures or if you have something else in mind, please contact us on 0203 633 2619 for a consultation.

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