About 30 years ago plastic surgery was a big taboo that we thought was only for the rich and famous. Today, plastic surgery has come very far and is much more affordable, accessible and less of a luxury and more of a necessity. But how do we know if we are getting plastic surgery because we want it or because we actually need it?

Riccardo Frati is one of the UK’s most experienced providers of cosmetic surgery, laser, and skin treatments, with clinics located in London’s prestigious Harley Street and in Manchester. Offering a range of innovative procedures for both men and women, today, he’s sharing 5 signs you’re getting plastic surgery for the right reasons.


  1. Reconstructions and corrections – this is one of the most common reasons for plastic surgery. Getting rid of any deformities from accidents or reconstructing areas of the body from things like childbirth are perfectly reasonable reasons to get surgery, for example many people have rhinoplasty after severe sporting accidents.


  1. Freeze time – for those of us that have aged quickly or want to look younger unfortunately there is no way to turn back the clock. Plastic surgery can help you to freeze time though to prevent any further aging of your body.


  1. Confidence – sometimes we all get a little self-conscious because of parts of our body we don’t like, getting plastic surgery can change that to make us happier in our skin and give us a real boost in confidence!


  1. Trends – the list of celebrities and influencers that have had plastic surgery is endless. It’s perfectly acceptable to copy them by getting some plastic surgery but make sure you research properly to manage your expectations as they may have had more work than they have let on.


  1. Original self – sometimes our bodies change with age, that may be things like weight gain or aging skin, but getting plastic surgery can help you to feel like your old self and help you celebrate who you used to be.


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