London rhinoplasty trends

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world, offering life-changing results for many of those who undergo this procedure. The main aesthetic and artistic goal of any skilled cosmetic, plastic surgeon is to enhance the beauty of the face, by creating a harmonious natural appearance. There are several techniques when it comes to effective rhinoplasty such as open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

In open rhinoplasty, Dr Frati makes an incision at the base of the columella (the soft and fleshy part between your nostrils) lifts the skin away from the nose to obtain good visibility of the inner structure of your nose. He is then able to reshape the cartilage and surrounding tissues to achieve the desired results.

In closed rhinoplasty, Dr Frati makes incisions along the inner rim of the nostril. The surgery is then undertaken through your nostrils, without affecting the outer skin or tissues.

Dr Frati is one of the world’s leading experts in these procedures. From his clinic in London, he is able to assess your unique and individual case and use the most appropriate methods to ensure the very best results.

People have cosmetic nasal surgery for a variety of reasons. Usually this is because they are unhappy with the size or shape of their nose. The nose is the central feature of the face and contributes significantly to the facial appearance. Some patients with a nose that is too big, asymmetrical or has lumps or bumps will wish to create a more harmonious alignment of their features with rhinoplasty.

However, it’s not only those who have a cosmetic issue with their nose who turn to nasal surgery. Some people can suffer with breathing difficulties due to their nasal shape or misalignment of the bones within the nose. Having rhinoplasty can offer them huge relief and a better quality of life, due to easing the nasal passages and allowing them to breathe more easily.

Common conditions requiring rhinoplasty

• A nose that is too large for the rest of the face
• A nose that is hooked or downturned in appearance
• A nose that is asymmetrical or crooked
• A nose that requires a tip
• A nose that causes breathing difficulties for the patient
• A nose that has been damaged through injury or prior surgery

Rhinoplasty can help to boost your confidence and sense of wellbeing and at Dr Frati’s clinic we will ensure that you receive the very best care, advice and aftercare, ensuring the most beautiful results possible.

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