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Hydrafacial London UK

A hydrafacial, or hydradermabrasion, is a facial rejuvenation procedure that combines chemical exfoliation with rehydration to offer dual benefits.

Restore Your Lustre, Refresh Your State of Mind

Our skin provides our first layer of protection from the environment. Simply living life leaves the effects of wear and tear on our skin. Sun damage, acne scars, dehydrated skin, and more can cause our skin to lose its youthful luster. A hydrafacial can resolve many of these issues and form a cornerstone of a healthy skincare regime. Treat yourself to a hydrafacial and refresh your state of mind.

Harley Surgery, experts on aesthetic and anti-aging procedures, offer clinical hydrafacials in our exclusive Harley Street clinic. Hydrafacials are a great way to rejuvenate your skin and improve your complexion. If you’re ready to discover the benefits of hydrafacials, schedule a consultation with Harley Surgery online or call our offices.

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About Hydrafacials in London and Birmingham

Many factors tarnish our skin’s luster, especially on our face. Caffeine, sugar, alcohol and excess sun exposure can all cause capillary damage and dehydrate our skin. It’s all about balance. Even applying do-it-yourself facial scrubs at home may cause skin damage. Not all products on the market supply the medical-grade benefits that professional hydradermabrasion provides. 

What Is a Hydrafacial?

All hydrafacials consist of two basic steps: exfoliation and hydration. However, each step can be customized to each individual making hydrafacials extremely versatile when treating different skin types and sensitivities. They don’t just remove the cellular waste products, but they infuse your skin with hydrating components that help maintain a healthy structure for your skin.

hydrafacial UK london

Hydrafacials provide two complementary benefits. First, the exfoliation step cleans off the outer layer of our skin. Your pores are cleansed and the process clears out the cellular debris that clutters our skin. Multiple compounds can be used depending on the individual. We can use lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid in different combinations to custom tailor chemical exfoliation for each individual.

Then, we infuse your skin with a combination of hyaluronic acid (HA) and peptides. These compounds hydrate your skin and infuse it with a variety of ingredients that promote healthy skin. Hydrafacials stimulate collagen and elastin production as well. Collagen and elastin are essential proteins that form the support structure of our skin. Age, sun, diet, smoking, and more can deteriorate that support structure. Hydrafacials help rebuild a healthy structure for the skin.


  • Fresh, youthful skin
  • Ability to treat sensitive skin
  • No downtime
  • Works great on all skin types
  • Customised for different skin conditions from sunspots to acne stars to broken capillaries

Am I a Candidate for Hydrafacials?

Just about anyone can benefit from a hydrafacial. We can take good care of our skin and apply sunscreen regularly. We wash our faces daily and avoid smoking. We refrain from excessive alcohol, and caffeine use. And we don’t wear heavy make-up every day. Yet, our skin still ages. Hydrafacials can help all of us improve our skin tone and texture.

If you are pregnant or take diabetes medication, ask your Harley Surgery aesthetic expert if hydrafacials are an appropriate treatment. You may need to delay the hydrafacial until a later date.

Your Initial Consultation with Harley Surgery

Consultations are the important first step in any aesthetic procedure, even non-invasive ones such as hydrafacials. Harley Surgery values open dialogues. You shall share your medical history, expectations, and goals. Bring any queries you have to your consultation. We will answer any question you bring to the consultation. Then, we can compose a customised strategy that helps you realise your aspirations.

Hydrafacials are performed by our registered nurse who specializes in anti-aging treatments and possesses years of experience in cosmetic enhancements.

To contact Harley Surgery: for London, call 0203 633 2619 or 0203 633 2619, for Manchester, call 0161 327 2139, for Birmingham, call 0203 633 2619. You can also schedule an appointment online at your convenience.

Healthy Preparation

Do you use Retinol or other exfoliating products at home? Mention all products you use during your consultation and follow all recommendations to achieve the best results. You may have to postpone your hydrafacial. In general,  products such as Accutane should be stopped 6 months to a year before your hydrafacial. Refrain from topical exfoliating products such as tretinoin for a week before your hydrafacial. You should also space out any Botox or dermal filler treatments for two weeks on either side of your hydrafacial. Avoid excessive sun exposure or tanning beds for at least 3 days before and after your hydrafacial. 

What to Expect During Your Hydrafacial

Hydrafacials are conducted in several stages that allow for maximum customisation. Clients love hydrafacials because it’s so easy to adjust them to each individual’s skin type and desired outcomes. 


Hydrafacial London UK

We first apply a cleanser that completely removes any makeup and gives your face a thorough cleaning. After thoroughly cleansing the face, we perform an assessment of the skin condition to ensure the plan devised during consultation remains the optimal strategy. If, based on the condition of your skin the day of the hydrafacial, your aesthetic specialist determines that adjustments must be made, it’s easy to adapt the hydradermabrasion treatment to your skin.


Usually, your clinical nurse will apply a light lactic acid as the first step in exfoliation. Lactic acid is a time tested means of chemical exfoliation (Cleopatra reportedly used it in the form of sour milk to treat her skin). Lactic acid works well on almost all types of skin. Then, we use a vacuum applicator to gently remove the excess cellular debris. With the hydrafacial device, we can adjust the intensity of the suction depending on the individual. Some individuals will require more vacuuming than others. The process generally feels less abrasive than a Microderm since the vacuum works on moisturised skin. Moisturisation and exfoliation performed together reduces irritation and shortens the recovery period.[1] Both processes promote collagen production, but hydrafacials are a gentler means of achieving it.

Hydrafacial London UK

We might apply glycolic acid after the lactic acid step. Glycolic acid will work much the same as the application of lactic acid but this step can be skipped for more sensitive skin. Glycolic acid is a smaller molecule than lactic acid so it will penetrate deeper. Since it’s a smaller molecule it can achieve a deeper exfoliation and treat wrinkles better than other alpha hydroxy acids.

After glycolic acid, we apply salicylic acid. Salicylic acid works great on oily and acne-prone skin. It’s especially effective at treating blackheads. Salicylic can also work great on the neck which gives it a more diverse range of applications than the other acids. As with the other two steps, a smooth vacuuming process will sweep away the cellular waste.

After the acid cycles, we will cleanse the skin again to ensure we remove all the cellular dross.

Hydration and Infusion

After exfoliation, which eliminates the damaged skin, we begin to remodel your skin with vitamins, nutrients, and hydrating elements. We use a collagen peptide that leaves your skin dewy and hydrated. These elements nurture the amino acids crucial for healthy skin.

Hydrafacial London UK

Infrared light therapy may be applied next. Infrared light helps boost the immune system. Originally innovated as a way to help grow plants in space, scientists found that infrared light helps optimise cellular activity.

Finally, we use hyaluronic acid, a natural component in our skin. Hyaluronic acid is a potent natural moisturiser. It holds 1000 times its own weight in water and performs a pivotal role in keeping your skin hydrated and full of youthful volume.

A Quick Recovery

Expect some minor redness from the process that shall dissipate quickly. The great majority of people won’t peel. You will experience no downtime from hydrafacials. Hydrafacials are great because you can still go out the night you received a hydrafacial. You should try to avoid excessive sun exposure. If you must venture under the sun, wear strong broad-spectrum sun cream. 

Beautiful Results

Clinical studies have shown hydrafacials improve skin quality and increase antioxidant levels in the skin.[2] Hydrafacials clear the grime out of your pores, remove the layer of expired skin cells, and supply your skin with enhancements that rehydrate your skin, infuse beneficial anti-oxidants and promote collagen and elastin production to rejuvenate your skin. To preview the premium care you will receive at Harley Surgery, peruse our patient reviews. You may also follow our Instagram feed to view a selection of before-and-after photos.

How Much Do Hydrafacials Cost?

Each hydrafacial is a customised treatment designed for the individual. Depending on the specifics, the costs may vary. During your consultation, your Harley Surgery clinical nurse will go over all the costs and provide you with a clear and concise pricing scheme.


How many hydrafacial sessions are needed?

Results will be seen after one treatment. However, it is recommended to have the treatment monthly to maintain the result. 


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