Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure to fix a nose that has been previously operated on. While the vast majority of rhinoplasties are successful, some people are unhappy with the results of their surgery. If you are one of these people, revision rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of your nose and give you the results you were hoping for. Whether the issues are cosmetic or functional, revision rhinoplasty can address them.

Your New (New) Nose

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The first step in revision rhinoplasty is to consult with the top-rated board-certified facial plastic surgeon in London, Dr Riccardo Frati. Dr Frati serves patients in London, Chelmsford, and Manchester and is frequently sought after by celebrities and the Instagram crowd because of his stunning results. Not happy with your nose? Let Dr Frati and the staff at Harley Surgery show you what revision rhinoplasty can do for you. Call us today to get the ball rolling. In London and Chelmsford, call 0203 633 2619, and in Manchester, call 1613 272 139. Prefer to fill out an inquiry form? Click here

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What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a very challenging procedure because of the complex anatomy of the nose and its central position on the face. It is also difficult to predict how tissue will heal and what the final result will look like; this is why choosing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with experience performing revision rhinoplasty is essential.

Harley Surgery can address your rhinoplasty needs and contour a lovely nose that complements your features. And you are not alone in seeking revision surgery! The rate of revision after primary surgery is around 5-15%. [1] Some may be due to patient expectations, but that accounts for a minority percentage.

There are many reasons why you may be unhappy with the results of your past nose job(s), such as:

  • Your surgeon may not have adequately explained the limitations of rhinoplasty.
  • The surgeon might have ignored best practices and attempted to restructure your nose without regard for your unique physiology.
  • Your doctor may have ignored your initial wishes and performed a superficial procedure that does not reflect the true you.
  • The surgeon who performed your last rhinoplasty might have focused solely on your nose without considering how it would affect the overall aesthetics of your face.
  • The scar tissue from your last nose job may affect the functionality.
  • Your nasal passages may have narrowed to the point of obstructing your breathing.
  • In an attempt to fix a deviated septum, your past surgeon may not have provided your valves sufficient support; this can cause the valves to collapse, requiring immediate revision rhinoplasty.

Dr Frati has experience performing this type of surgery and has helped many patients achieve the results they were hoping for the first time.

Benefits of Revision Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic enhancements have improved over time. As the human body advances in years, medical technology advances even faster. Maybe the nose job you received years ago no longer reflects who you are now. There’s no need to accept any procedure you’ve previously had done as the “last word” on your appearance. Dr Riccardo Frati can improve your appearance by revising a primary rhinoplasty that has left you dissatisfied.

The benefits of revision rhinoplasty are:

  • First and foremost, it can significantly impact your overall facial aesthetics.
  • Additionally, revision rhinoplasty can also help to improve your breathing by correcting any functional issues that may be present.
  • Finally, revision rhinoplasty can help to improve your self-confidence and quality of life.

While revision rhinoplasty does offer many benefits, some potential drawbacks should be considered. First, revision rhinoplasty is typically a more complex surgery than primary rhinoplasty, resulting in a more extended recovery period. [2] Dr Frati must address scarring, and the tissue around the nose may be thinner and more delicate than before.

Still, without a consultation, you’ll never know what the skilled hands of Dr Frati can do for your nose. He can answer all your questions, ease any concerns and develop a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Ideal Candidates for Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients seeking revision rhinoplasty should be in good physical and psychological health. They should have realistic expectations for the outcome of their revision surgery. The patients must be able to undergo anaesthesia and heal properly from surgery, which means stopping all tobacco use for at least two weeks before and after surgery.

Personal Consultation

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Dr Frati will evaluate the patient’s cosmetic concerns, as well as their medical history and current health. An examination of the inside and outside of the nose will be performed, as well as a rhinomanometry test, to determine the patency of the nasal airway. Dr Frati will also take photographs for surgical planning purposes. Bring a “before picture” to your consultation so Dr Frati can compare your “original” nose to the rhinoplasty you seek revision for.

At Harley Surgery, we want this to be the last rhinoplasty you ever need. So we are here to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and support Dr Frati as he creates the nose you deserve!

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Preparing for Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery

Dr Frati will give you ample time to fill any necessary prescriptions before the date of your nose job corrective surgery. He will also provide you with instructions tailored to your specific case. These directions will specify how to prepare for the day of your rhinoplasty revision procedure and may include some of the following highlights:

  • Please quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from our clinic on the day of your procedure.
  • Inform your employer in advance of the procedure so you can take the appropriate time off work.
  • Avoid using harsh facial cleansers or makeup products on the day of your surgery.

The Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

The details of your rhinoplasty revision will depend on the contours of your face and the nature of your past procedure(s). For example, if your previous surgeon removed too much cartilage from your nasal structures, then it may be necessary to graft cartilage from other areas of your body to the support systems in your nose. [3] Dr Frati will determine the safest and gentlest method by which to perform your corrective nose surgery.

Open Rhinoplasty

This technique makes a small incision called a trans-columellar incision between the two nostrils, allowing Dr Frati to “open” the nasal area and contour accordingly. With better access, the possibility of correcting any aesthetic or functional issues increases. 

Closed Rhinoplasty

If the extent of the rhinoplasty revision you seek is finite, then a closed technique may work best; this method does not create any incisions on the exterior of the nose, making it necessary for Dr Frati to perform all of his alterations within the existing nasal passages. Creating the desired revision through a closed rhinoplasty approach may be challenging, but Dr Frati will discuss your options well before proceeding with your surgery.

Recovery from Revision Rhinoplasty in London

Please allow yourself at least two weeks to fully recover from your corrective nose surgery. You do not want to rush perfection! Dr Frati will advise you on which medications to take, how to position your head when you sleep, and other details that may impact your recovery. When the swelling subsides during this 2-3 week period, your stunning results will emerge! 

Results of Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr Frati

Immediate results are only the first step on your road to aesthetic excellence. After all, the term “revision rhinoplasty” implies that you were dissatisfied with the outcome of your previous surgery. Hence, Dr Frati wants to ensure that your corrective nose job provides long-term happiness.

According to a survey of patients who experienced rhinoplasty revision surgery, 88% of the respondents indicated a “significant improvement” in their nasal function following the procedure. Even two and a half years after their respective surgeries, the survey participants showed a 79% rate of satisfaction with their rhinoplasty correction. [4]

While these results are promising, Dr Frati strives for more. He will not rest until your nose reflects the ideal profile you wish to share with the world. So, to begin your journey to the best you imaginable, please contact Harley Surgery at your earliest convenience. 

What Does Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Cost in the UK?

The price of a procedure depends on its parameters. For example, more extensive surgery may cost more than a simple nose job revision, but each case’s exact financial numbers will be unique.

If you are dissatisfied with a previous nose job you received, please call 0203 633 2619 to learn how Harley Surgery can improve upon your look. 


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