Rhinoplasty before and after: Dr Frati’s guide

If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure, it’s important to be aware of what you need to do before and after the surgery, as well as what you will look like in the days, weeks and months afterwards. Dr Frati is a world renowned plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge and vast experience in performing nose job surgeries around the globe, so can therefore offer all the information you need on what to expect before and after your surgeries.

Nose reshaping procedures are performed for many reasons. Someone may have a large nose, a wide nose or a misshapen nose or simply want to refine their nose to make it look more in proportion to their face shape. Someone may have damaged their nose in previous surgery or in an accident of some kind and need reconstructive or corrective surgery.

When deciding on the surgeon who will perform your rhinoplasty surgery, it’s important to ask to see as many case-studies as possible (before and after images) so that you can see the end results and create an idea of how you would like your nose to look, in your mind. It’s also important to speak at length with your surgeon about what can (and can’t) be done, so that you have realistic and clear expectations of the type of results you can obtain with a nose job.

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Before Your Nose Job

Asking what to do to prepare for your rhinoplasty is also important.

Making sure you are not on any medications that could affect the procedure in the days prior to your treatment is crucial as well as not undergoing any surgeries prior to your rhinoplasty, as you will be undergoing a general anaesthetic (GA). Having multiple procedures in a short space of time can have negative effects on the body, especially when a GA is required.

Non-surgical procedures such as temporary dermal fillers for the nose are common nowadays and this might be an option later on to fine tune any asymmetry, however, prior to your surgery, you need to stop any dermal filler treatments at least 3 months beforehand.

After Rhinoplasty Procedure

After your rhinoplasty treatment, there will be a period of recovery and although you will see results straight away, it’s important to understand that you may be swollen, bruised and tender in the weeks after your treatment. Therefore, optimum results might not be seen until some weeks down the line.

When speaking with Dr Frati in your no obligation, pre-treatment consultation, you can discuss downtime and how long after your treatment you can expect optimum results to be seen. You’ll also need to follow some aftercare instructions and be cautious with strenuous exercise or making harsh contact with your new nose, afterwards.

Your body will be healing and you will need to rest for up to 2 weeks after your procedure. The name of the game is to be sensible and mindful that you have had a cosmetic surgery and might be a little more ‘fragile’ after such a procedure.

Rhinoplasty in Manchester and London with the renowned surgeon, Dr Frati

Dr Frati and our dedicated clinical team will guide you through your patient journey with us and are passionate about making sure that all our patients are armed with all the relevant and necessary information they need to manage their expectations and to advise on what to do before and after the treatment.

For more information and to take your first steps towards making your decision, contact us for a no-obligation consultation with Dr Frati.

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