Taking Care of Your Breasts

Rightly or wrongly, our breasts have come to represent many things about us, including femininity and sexuality. But we often take them for granted and forget to include them in our beauty regime. Like our face and neck, they require special care and attention. Follow our easy guide to taking care of your breasts, inside and out.

1. Moisturise

The skin on our breasts is quite sensitive, especially close to the breast bone. Include your breasts in your moisturising routine. Use a thick cream or body lotion and apply it liberally.

2. Protect from the Sun

Like other parts of our body, the skin on our breasts can become damaged by the sun. Apply a high factor sun block to provide adequate protection. If you’re swimming or going in the pool, make sure you reapply regularly.

3. Invest in a Well-Fitting Bra

If not adequately supported, the weight of our breasts can cause them to sag. Invest in a good bra that offers support. We advise that you request a professional fitting to ensure your bra fits correctly. Most stores offer fittings as part of the service.

To make breasts appear larger wear a push-up bra. To minimise breast size opt for a minimising bra.

4. Exercise

Exercise is important for our physical and emotional health. It is also important for our breasts. Exercising the muscles beneath our breasts can make them appear fuller and perkier.

Carrying out regular physical exercise also helps us maintain a healthy weight. Gaining weight on our chest area can lead to sagging.

5. Stop Smoking

There are so many adverse effects of smoking. It makes sense to give it up completely, as soon as possible. Smoking is linked to many illnesses, including breast cancer.

6. Diet

It makes good sense to establish a healthy eating plan. This will benefit our whole bodies and our mental health. Click here for foods that are linked to good breast health.

7. Posture

Good posture helps promote good bone health and keeps our muscles supple. It also helps support the breasts. If you spend a large proportion of your day hunched over your computer, make sure you take regular breaks. Stand up, stretch and walk around.

8. Check Your Breasts

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK. According to Breast Cancer Care, it accounts for 11,500 deaths each year. If discovered early, chances of survival are much greater. One of the best things you can do for your breasts is to check them regularly. Follow these steps.

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