Tough New Guidelines for Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr Frati welcomed today’s news that the General Medical Council is bringing in new guidelines to protect patients against rogue cosmetic surgeons and practitioners.

The guidelines will come into effect in June and include the following provisions:

– Patients must not be rushed or pressured into surgery.

– The procedure and any associated risks must be explained by the surgeon or practitioner carrying out the procedure.

– Patients must have a point of contact should they have any concerns or experience complications after the procedure.

– Practitioners must advertise and market responsibly. Promotional offers such as ‘two-for-one’ deals will be banned. Practices such as offering procedures as prizes in competitions will also be banned.

Any doctors who break the rules risk being struck off the medical register.

The new guidelines have been complied as a result of a review of the industry carried out by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh in 2013. His findings revealed that few safeguards are in place for patients. This is particularly true for those undergoing non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers.

Later this year the Royal College of Surgeons will launch a new certification scheme. This will allow patients to find surgeons with relevant skills and qualifications more easily.

Dr Frati said of today’s announcement:

“I welcome the new guidelines set out by the GMC. At Frati Cosmetic Surgery, we always put patients first. Every patient undergoes a consultation process where we discuss the procedure and any possible risks at length. The consultation allows us to assess the patient’s suitability for surgery and allows the patient to discuss any questions or concerns. We also believe that a cooling-off period should be put in place to allow patients to think carefully before reaching a decision. In addition, we encourage a second consultation and suggest that our patients read through the informed consent booklets in detail.

We pride ourselves on our after-care service which is frequently praised by patients. We are very much in favour of the new guidelines which focus on patient care rather than profits.”

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