What is a Designer Vagina?

‘Designer Vagina’ is a term used widely in the media to describe genital cosmetic surgery. It is a catch-all term and refers to a number of procedures including vagina cosmetic surgery (vaginoplasty) and labia cosmetic surgery (labiaplasty).

The subject of female genitalia has long been a taboo subject. However, changes in education and an increasing openness online and among some celebrities, has brought this subject into the limelight. This increased awareness has empowered many women, and more genital surgeries are being requested than ever before.

Women’s genitalia vary in shape, size and colour. There is no norm. That said, many women feel uncomfortable about how they look and feel in this area. Some women have lived with this all their lives. For others, it has been a gradual change. The natural ageing process and factors such as childbirth can loosen and weaken the vaginal muscles. This can lead to a change in physical appearance and a loss of sensation during sexual intercourse. In some cases, the changes can lead to discomfort.

If you feel that you would like to make changes in this area, we would encourage you to contact us. We realise that this is a difficult and embarrassing subject. But we would like to reassure you that we deal with many similar requests. We are experienced in dealing with these surgeries and will do everything we can to put you at ease.

Women who have undergone this surgery have reported an increase in self-confidence and an enhanced sexual experience. Many women also talk about increased choices in clothing such as swimwear.

Depending on the individual, the procedure takes around an hour to complete and recovery time is around four weeks in total.

If you would like to discuss these procedures or arrange for a consultation, please phone 0203 633 2619 or email [email protected].

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