Why A Nose Job Can Change Your Whole Face

Your nose is located directly in the centre of your face and is the main focal point of your features. It balances your face and can enhance and accentuate the structure of other facial contours. This means that your nose has a significant effect on the harmony of your facial architecture as a whole. A disproportionate or asymmetrical nose can distort the balance of your face and can cause emotional embarrassment or feelings of self-consciousness. With the aid of rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery, you can alter the shape, size and symmetry of your nose, which, in turn, can have a significant effect on your overall appearance and attractiveness.

It’s important to consider that a nose job will have lasting effects and make a huge difference to the way you look, therefore, it’s important to enlist the right surgeon and to discuss at length, your procedure and expected results, prior to surgery.

Dr Ricardo Frati is one of the world’s leading rhinoplasty surgeons and has treated thousands of patients worldwide. In a preliminary consultation, he will discuss your concerns, will examine your nose as well as the overall appearance of your face, in order to decide which methods to use and how to re-structure your nose, to suit your overall facial anatomy.

Every nose job requires a tailored approach and Dr Frati is experienced in bespoke rhinoplasty, using a range of techniques to suit your unique features and requirements.

So, how can a nose job change your face?

During the surgery, the bones and cartilage of the nose may be trimmed and repositioned to improve its appearance.

This means that the surgery has permanent results as it is not usually possible to replace what has been taken away.

This is where the expertise of your surgeon is vital, as if too much is taken away, this can lead to a nose that is too small and that looks ‘over-done’.

Rhinoplasty can offer significant improvements to the following issues:

  • A droopy or bulbous nasal tip.
  • A hooked or bumpy bridge of the nose.
  • Flared / wide nostrils.
  • Asymmetry or imbalance of the nose.
  • A narrow or wide bridge.

Get the facts about rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your face, but can also help with medical issues such as difficulty breathing caused by a deviated septum. This is something you can discuss with Dr Frati in your initial consultation.

Rhinoplasty is a relatively small cosmetic procedure but it can have large and long-lasting effects and ramifications. This is why it is vital to obtain all the facts about your procedure and the length of downtime and recovery you can expect from the operation.

Though rhinoplasty is a fairly minimal procedure, it is often considered as one of the most complex and complicated procedures in facial plastic surgery, due to the impact that it can have on the rest of the face. Even the most minimal of changes to the nose can influence your entire appearance. Dr Frati understands this and will spend much time with you in those initial conversations to get to know you and the results you are seeking.

A nose job can be life-enhancing and offer you those subtle changes that make a big difference to your appearance. Take your time, get all the right information and advice, and a rhinoplasty could be the best decision you make for you and your face.

Impartial information and no-obligation consultation

Contact Dr Frati’s clinical team for more information, or to book a no-obligation rhinoplasty consultation at one of his clinics in Manchester, London or Birmingham.

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