Body shape is one of the most common issues when it comes to self-confidence. Diet and exercise can provide the best solution to slim down and tone your body but sometimes we can be left a lot of excess skin we can’t remove. Thankfully, a tummy tuck can help you get back to your slim and fabulous self.


Ricardo Frati is one of the UK’s most experienced providers of cosmetic surgery, laser, and skin treatments, with clinics located in London’s prestigious Harley Street and in Manchester. Offering a range of innovative procedures for both men and women, today, he’s sharing 5 things you should know about a tummy tuck.


  1. What is it? – a tummy tuck is a major operation that removes a large amount of excess skin after weight loss or pregnancy, the operation also tightens the abdominal muscles.


  1. Invasive surgery – because of how intense and invasive the tummy tuck surgery is, your doctor will assess if you are physically fit and healthy enough to have the surgery. There is a much longer recovery time than other types of cosmetic surgery like liposuction.


  1. Advanced technique – with the advancements in medical technology a tummy tuck is much easier to undertake by surgeons, this means that the operation is much safer and much more reliable than it has been in the past.


  1. Must lead a healthy lifestyle – it is important that once you have recovered from your tummy tuck operation that you continue to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and a good diet, otherwise you will be back where you started before the operation.


  1. Be at ideal weight – a tummy tuck does not make you lose weight, it just removes the excess skin. Surgeons recommend that before having the operation you are within 30% of your ideal body weight.


If you’d like to learn more about what a tummy tuck actually involves, please check out this blog entry!

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