Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

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Are you bothered by bags under your eyes or droopy upper eyelids that hinder your sight? A blepharoplasty is a rejuvenating procedure that brightens the appearance of the eyes and helps you appear younger.

A blepharoplasty with Dr Riccardo Frati is an ideal treatment for men and women who want to truly transform their face and improve their vision.

What is a Blepharoplasty?

Ageing can bring a multitude of annoying facial issues which are considered a natural part of this process.

Our eyelids can stretch and the muscles that support them can weaken. As a result, excess fat may gather above and below the eyelids, causing a heavy appearance in the eyelids, sagging eyebrows and under eye bags. Severely sagging skin can not only make us look older, but also can reduce and affect your side vision (peripheral vision), especially the upper and outer parts of this vision. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to repair droopy eyelids that may involve removing excess skin, muscle and fat.


The main advantage of eyelid surgery is how impactful the procedure is on the appearance and function of the eyes. Your eyes are the first thing people notice about you. Bags under the eyes make you look tired at any time of the day and droopy upper eyelids can disrupt your vision in addition to aging your overall appearance.

Reducing these imperfections will open up your eyes and make you appear more alert and attractive.


Blepharoplasty can be performed on patients as early as their early 20s if they are bothered by bags under their eyes. Those who desire a reduction in excess, sagging skin must wait until the age of 35. Prior to any treatment being performed, Dr Frati will conduct an examination of the eye area as well as a full consultation where he will discuss your concerns and look at your medical history, to ensure that you are fit for surgery

Personal Consultation

Dr Frati is a highly-experienced cosmetic surgeon who is known for his impressive results. He has performed treatments on many celebrities and is passionate about helping all of his patients look and feel their best. During your consultation with Dr Frati he will inform you of the techniques involved with a blepharoplasty and which ones will be best for your desired outcome. He will also ask about your medical background and current health to ensure you are in a healthy condition. Dr Frati will also examine your eyes to make sure the results you want can be achieved. This meeting is a great time to ask questions and learn how to have a healthy procedure and recovery.


Preparing for your surgery is a crucial step.

Preparation sets the groundwork for a healthy surgery and excellent outcome. Dr Frati will provide you with instructions on how to get ready for your surgical date. These instructions will include drinking plenty of water, getting eight hours of sleep, arranging for transportation to and from your appointment, and taking time off from work. Following these instructions closely will set you up for a healthy and safe experience.


Depending on the course of treatment Dr Frati decides on, you may have the procedure performed under general or local anesthetic, which will be discussed during your consultation. Dr Frati will make incisions following the natural lines of your eyelids; within the creases of the upper lids and just below the lashes in the lower lids. These incisions are extended into the crows’ feet or laughter lines at the corner of the eyes. Through this incision, surplus fat, excess skin and sagging muscles are tightened or removed.

If you have a pocket of fat beneath your lower eyelids without surplus skin, then the fat may be removed through the inside of the lower eyelid.


Following surgery, it would be best to keep your head elevated when you sleep for a few nights to reduce the swelling. A cold compress can also help with any swelling, bruising and discomfort. Dr Frati will normally apply some suture strips or steri-strips as support to the eyelids after surgery and if these become crusted they can be replaced.

Cleaning the eyes with water is useful and Dr Frati may advise the use of eye drops or ointment.

The sutures are usually removed after 3 to 5 days and soon after you will be able to use make-up. Sometimes you will be advised to use the suture strips or steri-strips as support to the lower eyelids for a week or so. Your eyes may feel slightly tighter when they close after surgery because some skin has been removed. However, this will subside in a few days and you may be given an ointment to use to enable faster healing. Your eyes may appear watery after the surgery due to the tear ducts being swollen. This will also subside within a few weeks. The pinkish scars will fade over the course of a few months and eventually will become almost invisible.


Once bandages are removed you will see an immediate difference in the appearance of your eyes. Your eyes will appear refreshed, awakened and your overall look will be rejuvenated. It may take a month or two for all swelling to diminish but you will notice a big difference in your facial appearance after a week or two. Once the final results have set in, they will last. Dr Frati will instruct you on how to care for your skin to preserve the beauty of your results as long as possible.

One of the best ways to keep your eyes looking youthful is to apply sunscreen daily. A high SPF will keep the delicate skin of your eyes healthy and protected from UV rays. Ultraviolet rays cause preemptive aging like wrinkles, saggy skin, and dark spots. Sunscreen paired with a healthy lifestyle will keep you looking your best for a long time.

Complementary Procedures

A blepharoplasty is commonly combined with other procedures to provide comprehensive improvements. The most common surgery that is implemented alongside blepharoplasty is a brow lift. A heavy brow will have big impacts on the eyes. In fact, the main cause of eyelid sagging could be due to the brow pushing down on the eyes. A brow lift is a surgical procedure that requires incisions along the upper hairline. Dr Frati can perform this surgery in a few different ways. Together, during your consultation, you will develop a plan that will work best for you.

Through the incisions, the excess skin of the forehead is excised and tightened. This procedure will reduce severe lines across the forehead, wrinkling between the eyebrows and help the eyes appear more clearly. A combined brow lift and blepharoplasty often provides our patients with their best results.

Another cosmetic surgery that is combined with a blepharoplasty is a facelift. Facelift procedures require incisions along the hairline and behind the ears. These incisions allow Dr Frati to manipulate the skin and treat stretched and sagging areas. The remaining skin will be pulled back to show off the smooth curve of the neck and defined jawline. This procedure is a great option alongside a blepharoplasty because it truly transforms your face.

You will look younger, more alert, and healthier after these two surgeries.

If you are interested in combining your blepharoplasty with one of these surgeries, be sure to express your interest when during your consultation with Dr Frati. He will be happy to discuss these solutions and examine your features to make sure they are the best choice possible for you.

What is the Cost of Blepharoplasty?

The cost of a blepharoplasty will be unique to you based on the methods involved. An eyelid lift is also often combined with other procedures to ensure the best results. The various details involving your surgery will impact the overall cost. You and Dr Frati will discuss costs in your personal consultation. To get started on looking your best book a consultation with us today.


How long does it take to recover from blepharoplasty?

The recovery time of your blepharoplasty will be unique to your health and the various techniques used. Most patients are able to return to work after two weeks but Dr Frati will keep you updated on what to expect and when you’ll feel up to being in public.

Is blepharoplasty major surgery?

A blepharoplasty surgery is invasive and requires about two weeks of downtime. This surgery is handled with care to provide your best results. Dr Frati will help you throughout each step of the process and make sure the results you want are achieved.

How is a blepharoplasty performed?

A blepharoplasty is performed meticulously and with an exceptional attention to detail. Dr Frati hides incisions along the natural borders and curves of the eye. With this method, he ensures your results are attractive and impressive.

An upper blepharoplasty requires a small incision along the upper eyelids. This incision allows him to excise fatty tissue and skin. The underlying muscles can also be tightened to ensure optimal results. A lower blepharoplasty includes an incision along the lower lash line. This incision gives Dr Frati access to pockets of fat that develop below the eyes. The fat can be removed and redistributed to smooth out the upper cheeks. Sutures are used to close the incisions and ensure results set beautifully.

Is eyelid surgery painful?

Eyelid surgery is not painful because Dr Frati uses either general or local anesthesia to keep patients resting during surgery. After surgery, medications will be used to improve healing and ensure you remain comfortable.

Can eyelid surgery be covered by insurance?

Eyelid surgery is often both a cosmetic and functional surgery. Sagging upper eyelids can interfere with eyesight and impact peripheral vision. If the eyelid surgery you need is practical, insurance may cover it. You will need to call your insurance to learn more.

How can I tighten my eyelids?

The best way to tighten eyelids is with a blepharoplasty. No non-invasive treatments will provide the impressive, long-lasting results that eyelid surgery will. A consultation with Dr Frati will help you determine if a blepharoplasty is your best solution.