Breast surgery aftercare

Having breast surgery can be one of the most rewarding things that you do for your bodily confidence. If you’re looking to enlarge your breasts and enhance their shape, or if you have opted for a breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty) to help with over-sized or misshapen breasts; the results can be life-changing.

Breast augmentation or reduction surgery is a big decision and cannot be taken lightly. Not only due to the fact that the surgery will need to be performed under general anaesthetic and involves an operation which can have its own effects on the body, but the recovery time and any aftercare needs to be followed well by you. Once Dr Frati has done his job in giving you those superb results, it is then up to you to dedicate time and care for your recovery.

In your consultation, the timing of your surgery will be discussed, as it’s important to be able to take some time from work so that you can rest and recuperate following your procedure. Time off work could be up to two weeks and it might be 3 months before your full results can be experienced. Therefore, making sure you have a fairly clear diary with no extreme sports or adventure holidays in the months that follow, is a good idea.

After your surgery you will be required to stay overnight in the hospital where you have had your operation. It is advisable to ask a friend or loved one to come and collect you on the day you are due to return home. Travelling on public transport or attempting to drive yourself home is not ideal, as you will be tired and probably a little uncomfortable and even groggy after the op. Making sure you get home safely and with as minimum stress as possible is the first step on the road to recovery.

You’ll be required to wear an appropriate support garment for around 4 to 6 weeks post-op. For breast enlargement surgery, this helps to keep the implants from moving upwards, keeps them in place and aids with the healing process. In breast reduction, this also helps with healing and to make you feel comfortable and supported. The right garment will be advised to you upon consultation with Dr Frati.

It’s really important to maintain a healthy eating plan, following your breast surgery. Your body has gone through a major operation and needs nourishment in order to perform the function of healing. Regular meals of lean protein, good carbohydrates and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will aid your body to heal faster and for the skin to stay healthy around your wounds. Reducing alcohol consumption and refraining from smoking will go a long way to helping your recovery too. Drinking lots of water will help to flush out toxins and repair the tissues.

You’ll probably need some form of pain relief in the days that follow your surgery. This can range from mild to stronger pain killers and will be prescribed at the time of your procedure. It’s important to follow the instructions on these drugs and to keep to the required dosage. Failing to maintain regular pain relief can lead to discomfort. Similarly, the stronger pain killers can have an addictive affect, so it’s important to take them correctly and stop when advised.

Want to get back to the gym? Looking to return to your water skiing lessons? Well, these might need to be put on hold for up to 8 weeks after your operation, especially if you have had breast implants. The implants are going to feel heavy and your breasts will feel swollen at first. This will all subside naturally but it’s vital to be sensible about the activities you undertake in the weeks that follow your surgery. Take it easy, rest well and eat healthily and you’ll be back on track before you know it.

You’ll be asked to return to the clinic for a check-up and to have any stitches removed about a month after your surgery. Making sure that you keep this appointment will give you the peace of mind that everything is healing the way it should be.

Adhering to the detailed and specific aftercare that Dr Frati advises in the weeks after your surgery will pay dividends to the end results that you can achieve. Be sensible and healthy and the compliments on your beautiful new physique will come thick and fast!

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