Breast uplift surgery – with or without implants?

Breast Uplift Surgery: As we get older, our skin can become less elastic and this can cause the breasts to ‘droop’. If the breasts are smaller in size, this can cause a flattened look. Sagging breasts can cause feelings of self-consciousness and even emotional upset, as full and pert breasts are seen as symbols of femininity and youthful vibrance.

About Breast Uplift Surgery

Breast uplift surgery or mastopexy surgery can both improve the shape as well as the size of the breasts if this is indeed, appropriate and required. Breast uplift surgery corrects the positioning of the breasts and as an addition to the surgery, implants can be used to increase their size. The nipple can also be re-aligned to a more pleasing position during this procedure.

Dr Frati has been performing mastopexy with breast implant surgery for many years globally and now offers this procedure from our clinics in London and Manchester. In a no-obligation consultation, he will discuss with you your individual concerns, your medical history and will examine your breasts to decide which route to take to improve the look of your breasts. This consultation will be your first step on the journey to your final surgery and Dr Frati welcomes second and even third consultations so you can be confident that you are making the right choice for you.

Sometimes the issue isn’t the size of the breasts, but the loss of volume and tone. As ageing progresses, the breasts can appear empty and the skin can appear stretched. Over-sized areolas or downward facing nipples can also be an issue. These can cause feelings of unattractiveness and loss of femininity. In cases such as these, Dr Frati may decide on a breast uplift procedure.

With or Without Implants?

It’s also very common for a breast uplift to be carried out in conjunction with a breast enlargement procedure. This can result in fuller as well as better positioned breasts. If you have existing implants which you would like to remove but are concerned about losing too much volume, Dr Frati can use your existing breast tissue to help reshape the bust, giving fullness un the upper chest area, along with an uplifted and pert appearance.

Whatever your concern, Dr Frati has the medical-qualifications and expertise to help you to decide whether a breast uplift procedure alone or a breast uplift with augmentation will offer you the results that you would like. Many of the procedures he performs can be life-changing, as a pert and shapely bust can increase confidence, help clothing fit better and enhance intimacy in a personal relationship.

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Contact our friendly and helpful clinic team to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss breast uplift surgery or breast uplift with augmentation with Dr Frati.

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