Fat transfer to breasts: an alternative to implants?

Fat transfer to breasts: If you are considering breast augmentation or reconstruction but would prefer not to have surgery with prosthetic implants, there is a new alternative to traditional implants, which uses your own fat cells to enhance breast tissue. This procedure is called fat grafting and involves a process of multiple injections. The end results do not involve invasive surgery or scarring. Dr Frati offers fat grafting for those suitable candidates who would prefer a less invasive breast augmentation procedure but with permanent results.

Fat transfer to breasts – are you suitable?

Most people are good candidates for breast fat grafting, but it’s not for everyone. Prior to the procedure, you will need to attend a consultation with Dr Frati so that he can examine you, speaking with you about your individual concerns and desires, as well as checking your medical history, to ensure you are physically fit enough for the procedure. At this stage Dr Frati will help you to decide whether fat grafting is an option and if so and how many procedures you will need to obtain your desired results. Every patient is unique and each case requires a bespoke approach.

What to expect

Prior to the procedure, you may need to wear a tissue expansion device to prepare for a successful fat grafting process. This is a large suction device which fits over the breasts like a bra. This battery-powered device gently puts tension on the breasts, stretching the tissue and preparing it for the fat graft procedure. This gentle, sustained tension over time, prepares the area for fat grafting and maximises survival of the grafted fat.

Once the tissue is prepared for fat transfer, Dr Frati will harvest some of your fat via liposuction or contouring. Next, oil and blood are removed from the fat to clarify and purify it. Dr Frati will then inject small amounts into the tissues throughout the breast area. Dr Frati will take care to ensure that the transferred fat has a good blood supply and that just the right amount of fat is inserted for the desired long-term effect. This may take multiple sessions as inserting too much in one session can result in complications.

Once the procedure is finished, there will be a period of recovery and Dr Frati will give you some aftercare instructions to follow in the days after your breast fat transfer procedure. Recovery after fat transfer is far less timely than after the full breast augmentation surgery with prosthetic implants. This procedure offers permanent results without implants, invasive surgery or a lengthy recovery.

Fat transfer to breasts: Contact Dr Frati’s UK-wide clinics

Fat transfer is a great alternative to traditional surgical intervention and can leave you with natural-looking results for many years to come.

Contact our clinical team to find out more, or to book a no-obligation consultation with Dr Riccardo Frati.

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