Get rid of man boobs (moobs) for good!

Man boobs’ may be a term used often in jest, but for the 30 percent of men who experience the condition, it’s no laughing matter.

Gynecomastia, which is the medical term for ‘man boobs’ can occur at any age in men, but it usually happens initially during puberty, when hormones are developing and racing around the body like crazy. All males’ breasts will undergo some form of development, which means a thickening of tissues in this area. However, in some, an imbalance in hormones can cause an over-production of breast tissue.

It’s important not to think of man boobs as just a result of putting on a few pounds in the chest area; this is different. Man boobs are the development of glandular tissue within the breast, as opposed to simply putting on some extra fat. Gynecomastia has a lot to do with an imbalance of the hormones. The development of extra breast tissue occurs when you have relatively low testosterone levels or relatively higher estrogen levels. Testosterone suppresses breast growth, whilst too much estrogen can encourage it.

However, obesity can indeed disrupt a hormone called leptin within your body which in-turn can affect testosterone levels and end up causing ‘man boobs’ to occur.

Other causes of gynecomastia can include:

• Testosterone replacement therapy
• Steroid use
• Use of certain hormone inducing oils such as lavender oil
• Dramatic changes in hormone levels within the body
• Certain medications

Gynecomastia can be extremely emotionally upsetting for many men and can have a detrimental effect on self-esteem. However, men who experience this condition do not have to hide away and suffer in silence.

Mammoplasty is a safe and extremely common surgery which is performed at Dr Frati’s clinics in London and Manchester. Mammoplasty refers to the removal of any breast tissue, either for men or women.

The surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic and requires an overnight stay in hospital. A fully-comprehensive consultation is also required prior to making a decision on whether this treatment will be suitable for you. In this consultation, Dr Frati will examine you and discuss your medical history as well as explain the procedure and certain aftercare instructions that you will need to follow.

You’ll then be able to go away and think about whether this will be the right step for you.

Dr Frati is one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and has performed thousands of mammoplasties world-wide. Our clinical team are highly-qualified and dedicated to make you feel at ease and to offer you the most professional and empathic patient care. Having an operation is a big decision and we know that it’s vital to not only give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, but to offer you the emotional support you need, throughout your patient journey with us.

You don’t have to put up with ‘man boobs’ and this simple-yet-life-changing surgery could offer you the peace of mind and restored confidence you need to live a happy and fulfilling life without worrying about this condition.

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