How Do I Correct Breast Asymmetry?

Asymmetrical breasts are very common. Some women worry that imbalanced breasts may indicate some sort of health concern, but these instances are very rare. In the absence of any other symptoms, breasts that are a little lopsided are purely an aesthetic issue. However, there is nothing superficial about the nagging insecurities and incessant self-consciousness that women feel every time they see their asymmetrical breasts in the mirror or in photos. 

It is likely your friends, family, even your partner has said to simply “get over it.” But you don’t want to get over it. You want to do something about it. Let Dr Riccardo Frati bring balance to your life. You can keep up with the latest on all of Dr Frati’s cosmetic surgeries by reading his blog

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A View of the Askew 

The human body is arranged in a bilateral symmetry. Like nearly all other land-dwelling animals (and those in the sea and sky, as well), we have a right side and a left side that mirrors it. However, our everyday experience most often shows us that the quirky execution of nature’s elegant design plan isn’t quite so refined when we get down to the details. There are many eccentricities that can make an otherwise beautifully balanced pair seem askew; this is especially true of the breasts. 

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There are a staggering number of causes of breast asymmetry, including trauma, puberty and hormonal changes. Chief among these reasons is that the size and shape of either breast on every woman is by no means stable at any point during her life—or ever during the month! A woman’s breasts may swell when she’s ovulating, then recede once more during her menstrual cycle 

To be fair, because the breasts can be such objects of focus, both culturally and biologically, it is quite likely that even the slightest indication of asymmetry is immediately amplified, especially in the eyes of the worried woman beholding her own uneven chest. But, in more extreme cases, breast asymmetry can be more than just a simple matter of perception. Injury or illness may be to blame for the aesthetic imbalance. 

Sure, you can try to ignore it, as others very well may have suggested. But, wouldn’t you do something about it if you could? 

Dr Riccardo Frati is a cosmetic surgeon practising in London, Chelmsford and Manchester. His purpose is to bring beauty and symmetry to a world fraught with tension and racked by discord. Women who are seeking a more harmonious contour to their upper bodies are encouraged to contact our offices to schedule a personal consultation. You can call our London office at 20 3633 2619.

Your Private Consultation with Dr Frati

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Dr Riccardo Frati is a compassionate doctor who understands that it is the patient’s perceptions that matter most of all. He wants to empower you to bring your body into balance so that you can have peace of mind. At your confidential consultation, Dr Frati will conduct a brief physical examination. He will inspect the breasts in order to determine the precise dimensions of your individual asymmetry so that he can craft a custom course of treatment that is tailored to you. 

Dr Frati is an experienced surgeon with the soul of an artist. Contact our offices in London or Manchester to schedule your personal consultation. Call us at 20 3633 2619.  

The Answer to Asymmetry

For all its myriad causes and varying degrees, the answer to breast asymmetry can be simply sought on Dr Riccardo Frati’s menu of breast enhancement services at Hawley Surgery. Dr Frati proudly posits long-lasting improvements for asymmetry sufferers who will no longer feel compelled to resort to slapdash solutions like those listed below. 

How Do You Hide Your Breast Asymmetry?

  • Obscure the obvious by wearing oversized clothing 
  • Being too bashful for your bathing suit 
  • Acquiring anxiety when it’s time to get intimate

If an uneven bustline has you tottering on the edge, then leverage Dr Frati’s full suite of augmentation surgeries for maximum aesthetic effect! Many of his most relevant procedures are detailed in the next several sections. 

Breast Reduction 

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A partial or complete breast reduction is one of the more direct avenues for correcting asymmetry. Also known as a reduction mammoplasty, if you and Dr Frati elect to go this route, he will remove a small amount of tissue and fat from one or both breasts using the appropriate incisions.[1] Often, the surgery is just a simple matter of reducing the larger breast to bring it into balance with the smaller one.

The answers may seem simple. However, when considering a breast reduction (or, indeed, any cosmetic surgery) it is important not to confuse “simple” with “easy.” Dr Frati is an expert aesthetic surgeon who may employ the sophisticated pedicle reduction approach to breast reduction. This is a delicate technique that preserves the nipples’ sensitive nerve endings and life-giving blood flow by leaving these tender tissues intact for the duration of the operation. By reducing the skin and fat from the bottom half of the breast, Dr Frati will produce a pair of firm, perky looking bosoms that are in utter alignment with one another.   

Breast Lift

If it is necessary, Dr Frati may perform a breast lift surgery to correct the breasts’ shape and elevation. It is so easy to get distracted by size when considering the breasts. An often overlooked aspect of breast asymmetry is the angle of their orientation. Nipple placement and the overall shape of each breast can create subtle yet unmistakable cues in the eyes of others. The breasts’ trajectory may tell a tale of beauty, balance and aesthetic symmetry. Or, the breasts may present a story of yet unresolved tension, with divergent nipples, a chest all akimbo and breasts that appear to be at odds with one another. 

By moving the nipples higher up on the breast, and moving the breasts themselves higher up on the chest, Dr Frati can set the breasts on parallel paths to complement your silhouette. A breast lift may be performed on its own or in combination with other enhancement procedures, such as breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts. These same techniques can be used to increase symmetry, as well. After all, as long as you plan to correct an imbalance, might as well go bigger, as well. Fortunately, Dr Frati is one of the leading authorities on breast augmentation in the UK. He is renowned around the world for his advanced breast augmentation, an approach that employs the smallest possible incisions to ensure that your recovery will be brief and your beach-ready results will be fabulous. 

In order to allow our patients to achieve their preferred results, we offer breast augmentation with FDA-approved cohesive gel silicone implants.[2] We perform breast augmentation with implants using a short-scar surgical technique to achieve safe implant placement and produce little-to-no scarring. 

Revision Breast Augmentation

Some kinds of asymmetry you just can’t blame on genetics. Your breast asymmetry may be the result of a complication that arose as a result of a previous procedure. Dr Frati performs breast augmentation revision to improve the unwanted outcomes of another breast augmentation. 

It is also important to remember that breast implants are not lifetime devices. As the years go by, wear and tear can cause the ordinarily stable implants to rupture. The body also creates a pocket of scar tissue around each implant. Over time, these capsules can contract, causing tension in the implant that leads to an unseemly asymmetry at the skin’s surface. In these cases, Dr Frati may recommend a breast implant refresh and removal.     

How Much Does it Cost to Correct Breast Asymmetry in London?

Because there are so many causes that can compete or conspire to beget breast asymmetry, correcting the imbalance requires an individualized approach that is tailor-made for every patient. For instance, a quick breast reduction may be just enough for some, but women who are burdened with breasts set askew in several dimensions would perhaps be better served by a breast augmentation with lift combination procedure. Regardless of your particular issues, Dr Frati is eager to assist.

Bring your life into balance. Consider a consultation at Hawley Surgery and join the scores of others who have posted positive reviews about their experiences. When your consultation concludes, we will quote you an accurate cost estimate. 


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