Why do women have breast enlargement surgery?

A woman’s body tells the world about who she is and how she lives. It reflects her health and wellbeing as well as how hard she works to stay fit and full of vitality. The breasts, traditionally signify the femininity of a woman and if she has a small or perhaps misshapen bust, this can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Rightly or wrongly.

Although we embrace women of all shapes and forms here at Dr Frati’s clinic in Manchester and London, we also completely empathise with those who wish to change certain aspects of their bodies to increase confidence and their own sense of beauty. There are many reasons why women wish to augment their breasts. These can range from having small or flat breasts, having mastectomy surgery for breast cancer and experiencing the bodily effects of the natural ageing process, which can in many cases, make the breasts sag and reduce in size. Dr Frati is a highly-qualified and experienced breast augmentation surgeon and has changed the lives of thousands of women around the globe by reshaping, enlarging and enhancing the breasts.

Breast augmentation surgery started in the 1950’s and since then, techniques have dramatically evolved and improved to make this surgery one of the most popular, safe and successful procedures in the world. The procedure involves a surgery which is performed under a general anaesthetic. A surgical silicone breast implant, a chosen favourite by Dr Frati and highly safe and stable in its manufacture, is inserted either under or over the chest muscle, behind each breast. Whether the implant is inserted under or over the breast muscle depends on several anatomical factors and Dr Frati will decide upon examination, which would be best for your particular build and frame. This will ensure that you receive the most natural result.

After your surgery, expect your breasts to feel heavy and fuller than the end result. This is very normal and to be expected. Recovery time can take from 2 to 8 weeks and optimum results won’t be experienced until around 3 months after the operation. In this time, it is important to adhere to any aftercare advice that is given to you by Dr Frati and his team.

Breast augmentation surgery is really the only treatment that can permanently enhance and enlarge the shape of the breasts and here at Dr Frati’s clinic, we have years of experience in patient care, skills of surgery and follow-up procedures so that you can enjoy your new, naturally enhanced breasts, feel more confident every day and experience life to the full without the concerns that you once had.

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