Will people know I have had breast augmentation?

Will people know I have had breast augmentation?:  Breast augmentation (or boob job) surgery is extremely popular in the UK to enhance or correct misalignment of the breasts. Women have this surgery for many reasons, to increase confidence, to feel more womanly or after an operation or illness. One of the resounding questions we get asked at Dr Frati’s clinic is “will people know?”. The answer to this is always “no, if you don’t want them to” and the key to a good breast augmentation surgery is the skill and guidance of your surgeon, your ultimate decision on how large to have your implants and how you take care of yourself after your treatment.

Implant size

Many women who have breast surgery make the mistake of thinking they need to go ‘big!’. One of the most common things we hear people say is “I’m spending a lot of money, I might as well make the most of it”. This simply isn’t how we think here at Dr Frati’s Clinics.

It’s vital to choose a breast implant size that will not only suit your body shape, but your lifestyle (if you’re active or sporty, don’t go too large!). Of course, your desires for size are important and if you want to go a little on the bigger side, this is possible to an extent. However, we would always encourage you to go for what suits you best, and what implications come with the implants;  you will have the enhancement you need to feel more confident, but you don’t risk health issues such as a painful back in the future. Having implants that best suit your body size and shape will also give your new breasts longevity as they are less likely to drop down and look heavy.

Dr Frati will advise on the size of implants he feels would best suit you and will show you how they will look in your consultation with a range of under-garment examples.


After your surgery, it’s very important to follow any aftercare instructions that Dr Frati offers you, for the best recovery and results.

Many patients try and get back to their daily lives too quickly and healthy recovery is vital. Though you might wish to keep your surgery a secret, you will still need to take one to two weeks off work, to avoid strenuous exercise for at least 6 weeks and possibly wear special garments which will support and aid the healing of your new breasts. This will ensure that you avoid complications, heal naturally and healthily and can enjoy beautiful results.

Breast Augmentation Scars

With breast augmentation, scars can be a worry. However, with most breast surgeries, the incision scars tend to be made underneath the breast line. Most visible immediately after the surgery, augmentation scars will fade in time and as they sit under your natural breast line, they will be virtually invisible. Only you and anyone you decide to disclose to will know they are there.

Book a breast augmentation consultation with Dr Frati

Breast augmentation can yield beautiful results, but it’s important to discuss at length, your procedure with Dr Frati, so he can offer his expert advice on how he feels you will be able to achieve a natural results and how no one will be able to tell you’ve had surgery, you simply look and feel your very best, every day.

Contact Frati Cosmetic Surgery today with any questions you have, or to book your appointment at one of our UK clinics.

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