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Mummy makeover clinics: After childbirth, our bodies can go through some significant changes. There will most likely be some weight gain and stretching of the skin after giving birth. This can leave the skin around the tummy loose and sagging, giving the appearance of premature ageing. The breasts can suffer after breastfeeding, losing volume and pertness. Fat around areas such as the thighs and buttocks can also be apparent and tough to lose through diet and exercise alone.

Dr Frati is one of the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons and specialises in procedures that help new and recent mothers regain their figures and increase their confidence, after one of the most physically challenging events a woman will ever go through.

Our ‘Mummy Makeover’ clinics in London, Birmingham and Manchester have become hugely popular amongst our patients and we are regularly offering these to those who would like to get back to a svelte and toned physique.

So, which surgeries are popular in mummy makeovers?

Tummy tuck surgery is a perfect solution for many women following childbirth. The skin around this area can become stretched and loose and no matter how many trips to the gym, the excess skin and tissues simply won’t budge.

There are 2 types of tummy tuck – a full or partial procedure. A full tummy tuck is perfect for those who have a significant amount of stomach tissue and loose skin to remove, whereas a partial tummy tuck is more suitable for those with a minimal amount of tissue. A full tummy tuck can also involve muscle tightening and repositioning of the belly button if required. Again, prior to any surgery at our Manchester and London Mummy Makeover clinics, you will be asked to attend a no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements and have a full examination, so Dr Frati can decide which procedure will be right for you.

Breast surgery can include reducing, enlarging or reshaping the breasts to promote a youthful and pert appearance. Breast implants can be used to increase the breast size and firm tissue which has been weakened due to breastfeeding and the removal of extra skin and repositioning the nipple is also possible with breast surgery.

Breast augmentation doesn’t have to leave you with over-sized breasts but can replace the volume lost during the first stages of motherhood. Implant surgery is recommended after you have finished breastfeeding and all the options will be discussed with you at an initial consultation with Dr Frati. 

Liposuction surgery can effectively remove subcutaneous fat from the body following childbirth. Liposuction surgery involves removing the fat under general anaesthetic using a specialised cannula.

Prior to this, there are various techniques to prepare the body for fat removal. These can include injecting the area with a specialised solution which contains anaesthetic and medication. Using high-frequency vibrations, the fat is broken down before being vacuumed out. Liposuction can be used alongside Vaser Lipo to achieve a smoother, more sculpted appearance. Vaser Lipo uses ultrasound to break down unwanted fat and can be used alone, if a less invasive procedure is suitable.

Having a consultation at Dr Frati’s Mummy Makeover clinics

During your consultation with Dr Frati, you will be able to discuss what is bothering you about your body and the results you would like to achieve. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the various procedures available to you and important facts such as aftercare and recovery times.

Being a mum, you’ll have a busy lifestyle, so being prepared and obtaining the necessary support from friends and family during your recovery is vital, in order to achieve the very best results and to stay fit and well after your surgery.

Dr Frati will give you all the necessary information and advice you need, in order to make an informed decision about the surgery you would like to undergo and when it would suit you to take some time out afterwards, to fully rest and recover.

Do it for you – book a no-obligation consultation at our Mummy Makeover clinics

Being a new mum doesn’t have to mean compromising your appearance and the way you feel about your body every day. It’s possible to maintain a slim, svelte and healthy-looking figure with the help of our ‘Mummy Makeover’ clinics, here at Dr Frati’s UK-wide clinics.

Contact our clinical team today to find out more, or to book your first consultation with Dr Frati. We look forward to meeting you.

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